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DHS IM Training uses a wide variety of tools to produce and distribute training materials.  Some of these tools require an additional piece of software to enable them to function properly. This type of software is used throughout the industry for delivering information over the Internet.

To maximize your participation in distance learning initiatives, it is recommended that your computer be equipped with all of the following players, plug-ins, and viewers. These are free downloads that have been reviewed by Partner Training Services prior to use in our courses. As new courses are produced, we will provide information on which additional software pieces are needed for the courses to function properly.

Be sure to check with your supervisor or local IT department prior to downloading or installing anything on your work computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Used for viewing and printing on-line pdf documents.

Macromedia Authorware Web Player
Used for accessing Authorware CBTs through Internet Explorer.

NOTE:  Use the Netscape Player if you are using Netscape to access the Authorware CBTs.

Macromedia Flash Player
Used to access and view online Flash presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
Used to view online PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft Word Viewer
Used to access online Word documents.

Internet Explorer 6.0 or above is recommended for accessing the DHS IM Learning Center and all web-based content.