How to Register for Access to the Learning Center

If you are an IM new worker and do not have a logon ID to the DHS Learning Center, then complete and submit a

New Employee Registration Profile Form.

If you are NOT a new worker, and you want to:

Update your DHS Learning Center profile information; or submit information to create your DHS Learning Center profile, complete and submit a

Registration Profile Form.

How to Register for a Class

To register for face-to-face classes:

1. Click on the Course Search icon from the left navigation menu.

2. Select the DHS Courses icon on the Catalog search page.

3. Select the All DHS Courses and click on the Go! button to bring up a list of courses.

4. Click on the Select button next to the course you wish to take.

5. The next screen that will appear is the course description. Once you have read the description, click on Schedule of upcoming classes for this course if applicable. Click the Select button associated with the class you would like to attend.

Note: If there are no classes scheduled, the “Schedule of upcoming classes” link is not visible.

6. The next screen provides information about the class. It may be a good idea to print this page, as it has the dates, times and location of the class.  Click on Online Registration Information.

7. Click on Enroll in this class. Follow the prompts by clicking on Yes when asked if you want to enroll in the class.

8. You are now enrolled for this class, and you should see your status for the class as “Enrolled”.