New Worker Center - Supervisors

New Worker Center - Supervisor Section

As the Agency Supervisor, it is up to you to assist the new worker in defining his/her job function and responsibilities and in successfully completing New Worker Training.

Following are tasks that you will need to complete as you assist your new worker through the New Worker Training process:

  • Submit the New Employee Registration form to the DHS Learning Center
  • Obtain necessary system access for your new worker
  • Make sure your new worker is using the CWW and ACCESS Training Environments (not production) when completing training activities
  • Support your new worker throughout the training process

Step 1

Complete the New Employee Registration Profile Form.

This profile will provide the Learning Center (LC) with information about the new worker and your agency and will allow you to choose the appropriate curriculum(s) for New Worker Training (NWT).  Refer to the guidelines on page 3 of the form for help in the selection of the correct curriculum(s) for your new worker.  Fax the form as indicated on page 1.

Your worker will be assigned a Logon ID for the Learning Center.  Provide that ID to your new worker.

Once the profile is entered in the LC, the new worker will be able to access their curriculum by logging into the LC and clicking on “My Information”.  All topics required for the new worker to complete New Worker Training are found in “My Information”.

Step 2

Request System Access for your new worker

New workers must have access to WAMS, CARES Worker Web, and the CARES Mainframe prior to beginning the Client Registration module.

Request systems access as soon as possible.  At a minimum, request access to:

  • WAMS
  • CARES Worker Web and Mainframe
  • DWD Workweb

A list of system accesses that your new worker may need is available on the checklist for New Worker Logon IDs.  For more information on how to request access or determine which systems the new worker will need to access, please see the DWD/DWS Security Manual.