New Worker Center - New Workers

New Worker Center - Information for New Workers

Welcome to the New Worker Center!  Whether you are totally unfamiliar with the income maintenance world or have some experience from a previous role, you bring a unique perspective and work history to your local agency and the statewide IM team.  We hope that New Worker Training will build on what you bring to the position as well as shape new and existing connections for your satisfaction and that of your customers.

The purpose of New Worker Training is to provide flexible, quality training programs that offer the knowledge, skills and abilities you will need as an Income Maintenance (IM) worker.

New Worker Training provides you with the opportunity to take courses independently.  The courses that you will complete are determined by the type of work that you will do in your agency.

As a new worker, you will work closely with your Supervisor and training staff on the Training Call Center (TCC) throughout this training process. 

Your Supervisor will:

  • Make sure that you are registered with the DHS Learning Center.
  • Provide you with your Learning Center Logon ID.  Instructions for logging on and off are available in the Learning Center Help Guide.
  • Make sure that you have the correct curriculums assigned to you in the Learning Center.
  • Guide you as you complete the training courses assigned to you.

You will need to know about:

  • Curriculums
  • Assessments
  • Contacting the TCC with questions

Your supervisor has registered you for the DHS Learning Center.  Following registration, curriculums are assigned to you based on the work that you do.  Instructions with specific responsibilities and expected outcomes are included in each assigned curriculum.  Your assigned curriculum can then be accessed from the DHS IM Learning Center.  You will complete each assigned curriculum and required assessment as you progress through the training materials.