Long Term Care (LTC) Medicaid Center

Initial LTC Curriculum Registration Instructions

The supervisor or trainer should send an e-mail to ptsreg@uwosh.edu requesting the Initial Long Term Care Medicaid curriculum be assigned. Include the worker's:

  • Name
  • Agency
  • Learning Center ID (C#)

Learning Center staff will respond when the assignment has been completed.

The worker will access the curriculum through "My Information/Curriculum" on the DHS Learning Center Home Page.

Initial LTC Training Model

The LTC training consists of prerequisites that need to have been completed prior to beginning the LTC modules. If these courses were completed in the past, the worker may wish to review them. The prerequisites are:

  • EBD Medicaid for IM New Workers Course, Assessment Scenarios and Quiz – The worker may have completed this course during classroom training or via distance learning. LTC policy is based primarily on EBD policy. It is encouraged that workers have at least one year of EBD experience prior to managing LTC cases.

If the course was taken through the distance model, the EBD Curriculum may be accessed from the DHS Learning Center Home Page under My Information, Transcript. Click on EBD Medicaid for IM New Workers, and click on "Review" (not "Restart").

If the course was taken in the classroom, send an e-mail to ptsreg@uwosh.edu to have the curriculum assigned.

  • Estate Recovery Course and Quiz – This course previously was taught as part of the LTC classroom training. Because Estate Recovery requirements apply to BC+, it is now offered as part of the New Worker Ongoing Case Maintenance curriculum.

The course may be accessed on the DHS Learning Center under Course Search, DHS Courses, All DHS Courses, Keyword Search "Estate Recovery".

LTC Curriculum

Initial Long Term Care Medicaid Training model

Courses covered in the LTC curriculum include:

  1. LTC Overview
  2. Institutional LTC Medicaid
  3. Spousal Impoverishment
  4. Home and Community Based Waivers Medicaid (HCBW)
  5. Divestment
  6. Managed Long Term Care Medicaid (MLTC) Overview

Courses 1-6 must be completed in order. All are required to complete the curriculum.

Use of LTC Training Materials

Training Documents
Each module is provided in a PDF format. Workers may print the documents or read the electronic copy. Printing the document allows for note taking, referring to previous pages to find handbook references, and writing answers to the self-check questions. Answers to the self-check questions are available in the appendix of each module.


A quiz is provided for all modules, with the exception of the Overview, to assess the worker's understanding of the materials presented. Each quiz must be mastered with a score of 80% or greater to allow access to the subsequent module.

Workers are asked to print the Scenario document in the Overview module and have it available as each subsequent module is completed. Four scenarios will be entered in the CWW Training Environment. Workers should not attempt to enter the scenarios prior to the completion of the corresponding module. Each case will be modified throughout the LTC training. Workers are NOT to confirm the case unless instructed to do so.

Upon completion of each scenario activity, workers are to call (608-261-6378, option 2) or e-mail (DHSIMTraining@wisconsin.gov) the IM Training Call Center (TCC) to have each case reviewed by a trainer. Workers also may contact the TCC with any questions as they complete the curriculum.

Miscellaneous Notes
Certificates of completion will not be provided with the completion of the LTC modules. However, the completion will be recorded on the worker's transcript on the DHS Learning Center.

Contact the DHS IM Training Call Center, DHSIMTraining@wisconsin.gov or 608-261-6378, option 2.