This help section explains the steps needed to find, register for and access courses, classes, and resources through the DHS Learning Center.

The Home Page is the starting point to the Department of Health Services (DHS) IM Learning Center.  The Learning Center serves as the portal to all (DHS) sponsored training activities.

The left navigation bar will direct you to specific information. The following list gives a brief description of the content you will find for each selection.

  • Log In/ Log Out – Provides a link to the New Employee Registration Profile Form needed to request a Logon ID. Allows you to log into the Learning Center to access your personal information or register for a class.

  • Registration – From this page you will find directions for course registration.

  • My Information – This section provides information about you.  The information in your profile is used to send you correspondence from the Registration Staff (e.g., confirmation letters, announcements, etc.). 

  • Course Search – Allows you to search for and enroll in trainings available through DHS.

  • New Worker Center – Access to information about the New Worker training process.  

Additional information is also available through the Learning Center Home page. 

  • Welcome – Gives an overview of DHS and the information and services  provided to agencies throughout the state

  • Course Search – Allows you to search for and enroll in trainings available through DHS.

  • News – Provides newly released training information

  • My Training – Provides information about individual curriculum. A list of courses that have been scheduled, started or completed can be found here.

  • More – By selecting more from within any of the categories you will be given additional information about that topic. 

The menu bar across the top of the page can direct you back to the Home Page, Site Map, About Us, Getting Started or Help from any page within the site by clicking on the appropriate link.