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March 2014
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The information below is for approved trainers of CBRF Standard Precautions.


A newly improved and updated Class Roster can be found at Class Roster Form

Trainer Guidelines:

This link will take you to the Instructor Guidelines and Requirements for all CBRF Trainers.

If you have a name or address/personal information change, complete the Instructor Info Update Form and mail it to:

UW Oshkosh CBRF
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI  54901-8688

If you provide a web page URL for the Instructor Registry, please make sure your website is kept up to date.

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You will find the most recent versions of the Facilitator’s Guide, the Participant’s Guide, the Power Point presentation and the Class Roster form below.  There are multiple versions of the test the participants must pass at the end of the class.  Current answer keys will be e-mailed to newly approved instructors.

The Bureau of Assisted Living requires curriculum tests to be changed regularly. Previously posted tests are no longer available. Stop using Tests D & E immediately. You may use copies of Test F you already have, then switch to Tests G & H. Answer keys for Tests G & H are available from the CBRF Registry and Training Services, e-mail your request to CBRFtrng@uwosh.edu

Standard Precautions Participant Guide 03-01-10
Standard Precautions Facilitator Guide 03-01-10
Standard Precautions Power Point 03-01-10
Class Roster Form
Standard Precautions Tests 03-01-10 -Test G ; Test H
Evaluation Request Form

Audio Test

Consultant Evaluation:

If your instructor approval requires you to have a consultant review your trainings, have the consultant fill out the CBRF Training Consultant Evaluation Form for each training. Submit two completed Consultant Evaluation Forms with your renewal application. If you submit these forms at any other time, they will not be kept on file.


A newly improved and updated Class Roster can be found at Class Roster Form


Announcements, memos or other information for CBRF Standard Precautions Trainers is available at the Bureau of Assisted Living website.




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