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March 2014
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Approved Medication Administration Instructors

A new version of the Medication Administration curriculum is available to approved instructors. Instructors may begin using the new material now and must begin using the new material and testing process no later than May 1, 2014.

Participants, instructors and providers can verify use of the new curriculum by checking the date on the Participant Guide front cover or in the footer.

NOTE: First Aid & Choking - 2011 Red Cross instructor information can be found at www.redcross.org

The names and contact information for approved instructors are placed on the public access Instructor Registry.  CBRF providers, state survey staff and other interested parties will use this registry to verify instructor status and identify training resources and locations.

Instructor Applicants
Select a topic below to view instructor requirements and complete an application.  Please read the instructions on page 1 of the application carefully.  Applications should be filled out electronically and then printed for mailing. Applicants will be notified of approval or denial via e-mail within 15 business days of UW Oshkosh receiving a complete application.

Fire Safety Application
First Aid & Choking Application
Medication Administration Application
Standard Precautions Application
  These are new instructor applications. Please DO NOT use these applications for instructor renewal. Click here for renewal information.

A non-refundable application fee must be submitted with each application.  See the specific application for fees.  A separate application is required for each topic.

Approvals are valid for 2 years and must be renewed prior to expiration. 

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For Approved Instructors

Upon approval, instructors will receive the following from UW Oshkosh:

  • Notice of Approval.
  • Standardized Curriculum.  Training materials include a Facilitator’s Guide, Participant Guide and PowerPoint presentation.  Only this standardized curriculum, taught by approved instructors, will qualify as meeting the requirements of DHS 83.20 beginning April 1, 2010. 
      American Red Cross (ARC) instructors will not receive standardized curriculum, but must use the currently approved ARC 4-hour CBRF First Aid and Choking course materials.
  • Class Roster Templates.  Instructors must submit a completed class roster to UW Oshkosh within 10 business days of the training.  A fee of $15 (as of June 13, 2011) for each successful student must accompany the class roster. NOTE:  American Red Cross instructors will submit modified ARC Course Records and Addenda to UW Oshkosh along with the fees within 10 business days of course completion.
  • Test Questions.  UW Oshkosh will provide updated test questions with an answer key quarterly to approved instructors. 
    NOTE:  First Aid and Choking test questions are the responsibility of the ARC instructor.
  • Student Class Evaluation Information.  Instructors must supply students with information to complete online evaluations post-training. 
    NOTE:  Evaluations of First Aid and Choking courses will be administered by ARC instructors.
  • Instructor Consultants. Additional information for Consultants can be found on the Information for Consultants page.

NOTE:  Ongoing instructor approval is based on compliance with guidelines and standards outlined in the instructor application and explained further in the Instructor Guidelines and Requirements document below.  Failure to comply with those standards may result in suspension or revocation of instructor approval.

Forms and Information for Approved Instructors

Instructor Guidelines and Requirements - Important guidelines and standards for instructors.  Read carefully.

Instructor Information Change Form - Approved instructors are responsible for updating required information, including contact information.  Use this form to notify UW Oshkosh of changes. 

Regional Map - Identifies training regions within the state of Wisconsin.

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Instructor Renewal Process

NEW - If you cannot complete all renewal requirements by your instructor approval expiration date:

  • You cannot use the instructor renewal form.
  • You may not teach any CBRF classes or submit names of participants (you trained after your approval expired) to be placed on the CBRF Employee Registry while your instructor approval is expired.
  • You may apply as a new instructor after waiting three (3) months or more after your current instructor approval expiration date. You must complete a new instructor application. The new instructor application is available here. New instructor applications have a $115.00 or $100.00 processing fee, depending on the topic.
  • If you are required to wait three months, reapply and are approved a second time, and again are unable to meet the instructor renewal requirements (for the same CBRF topic), you will be required to wait one year (12 months) before you can submit an instructor application for the third time.

The CBRF Training and Registry Services will supply approved instructors with specific e-mail instructions about renewal requirements for each approved topic between 6 and 12 months after approval.  These e-mails are sent in June and December of each year. Keep this e-mail for future reference.

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If you believe you should have received this information already: please e-mail us at cbrftrng@uwosh.edu, confirm your e-mail address and request your e-mail notification of renewal requirements.

  • All approved CBRF Instructors must renew their approval every two (2) years.
  • To ensure that your approval does not lapse, submit a renewal form and payment no less than 30 days prior to your personal expiration date. Submissions received 30 days or more prior to expiration will keep the same month and day of renewal. 
  • If you do not renew your instructor approval prior to your instructor renewal date, your approval will expire.
  • The participants of training(s) completed while your instructor approval is expired will not be entered into the Employee Registry. 
  • All approved CBRF Instructors must teach a minimum of four (4) classes of each topic for which he/she is approved.
  • All approved instructors must submit a completed renewal form and required processing fee prior to their renewal date.
  • SOME approved instructors must take continuing education classes related to the subject area(s) for which they are approved. Up to 3 hours of training in Adult Learning Concepts and Teaching Strategies may apply towards this requirement.
    • Note:  If you are approved for multiple CBRF topics, 3 hours of training in Adult Learning Concepts and Teaching Strategies may be applied to all instructor topics (Fire Safety, Medication Administration, and/or Standard Precautions).
  • Instructors required to have a training consultant, must submit 2 consultant-written evaluations of their trainings, of classes taught within the 2 years of their approval.

The CBRF Training and Registry Services will at a minimum, review the following information or documentation:

  • The completed renewal form.
  • The class rosters, and the timeliness of their submission.
  • The student evaluations.
  • Any received complaints.
  • Continuing education classes, if required.
  • Written evaluations by a training consultant, if required.

The renewal processing fees are $75.00 per instructor, per topic. You will receive an e-mail approximately 60 days before your renewal date with the necessary renewal information and the renewal form included in this e-mail. For questions, contact us at cbrftrng@uwosh.edu

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Renewal Information for Instructor Continuing Education Training

Check your personal renewal information e-mail(s) for specific information regarding your renewal requirements. For instructors who are required to take Continuing Education Training, hours refers to the hours spent as a participant in training, not CEU credits.

CBRF Instructors Continuing Education Training Information

The Bureau of Assisted has approved The Wisconsin Caregiver Project Workshop trainings as qualified continuing education for CBRF Instructors. Please see the Wisconsin Caregiver Project Workshop website for more information.

Fire Safety Instructor Continuing Education Training Information

The NFPA provides webinars and online trainings.

NFPA home page: http://www.nfpa.org/categoryList.asp?categoryID=1263&URL=Training

NFPA Online courses: http://www.nfpa.org/catalog/category.asp?category%5Fname=Training+%2F+Self+Guided+Online+Courses&Page=1

Wisconsin Technical College System fire service training courses:http://systemattic.wtcsystem.edu/fire/Progcors/Courses.htm

Additional Fire Safety information may be found at:
WI Fire Inspector Association http://www.wsfia.org/index.html
WI Firefighters Association http://www.wi-state-firefighters.org/

Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available.


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