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March 2014
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The Instructor Registry contains the name, approval number, training topic and contact information for all approved instructors. Only instructors included on the registry are approved to teach the department-approved training courses per DHS 83.20(1) effective April 1, 2010. Approved instructor information is presented in different ways for ease of access: 

  • Master List of all approved instructors, sorted by last name.
  • Topic Lists of approved instructors for each topic who are willing to train others, outside their own agency, sorted by county:

Fire Safety List
First Aid & Choking List
Medication Administration List
Standard Precautions List

  • Willing to Travel List, sorted by last name and region(s) to which they will travel. Use this list to find an instructor willing to travel to your CBRF or training location. 

    See the Regional Map to identify regions.




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