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Professional Skills Courses

One of the most important attributes employers look for in entry-level employees is professional work experience. More than 80 percent of students who are involved in a professional work experience are offered a full-time position with that company upon graduation, or because of this relevant experience have a job before graduation with another company.

These courses are recommended if you are beginning to prepare for professional internships and relevant work experience. Through a process of learning about career planning and implementation, you will gain knowledge of how to effectively search for careers that are personally and professionally satisfying.

Take a Professional Skills Course (1 cr.)


Prepare for internships. Plan for a personally and professionally satisfying career. Career Services will help get you started. Practice resume writing, conducting company research, internship/job searching, networking, interviewing and professional branding.

***Recommended for sophomores seeking internships and juniors and seniors preparing for a job search.

Upon completing this course, students will be:


Students will be able to utilize career development tools to succeed in a professional setting


Students will be able to articulate how their education and experiences connect to their career goals

Students will be able to identify how their strengths and skills apply in a professional setting


Students will be able to use their networking skills to build professional relationships

Courses Available:

Professional Counseling 202: Career Planning & Implementation (PRF CNSL 202)

Open to all majors

Interdisciplinary Studies 208: Professional Career Skills in Math & Natural Sciences (INTRDSCP 208)

Prerequisites: 45 credits completed and a declared major in:

Interdisciplinary Studies 209: Professional Career Skills in the Social Sciences (INTRDSCP 209)

Prerequisites: 45 credits completed and declared major in:

Business 284: Professional Skills in Business (BUSINESS 284)

College of Business course requirement


  • 36 credits completed (and either Economics 204 or 206 and a combined GPA of 2.4)

Recommended to be taken one semester prior to admittance to the College of Business. Special course fees may apply.

Human Services Leadership 204: Professional Skills in Human Service Leadership (HUMAN SV 204)


  • 45 credits completed
  • Declared major in Human Services Leadership
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