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Four-Year Career Plan

parentsguests1.jpgCareer preparation is a vital part of the college experience. Every student should have an idea of where they should be in their personal development. A Four-Year Career Development Plan will allow for students to have a greater understanding of this goal.

At the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, students can "Get Hired!" by taking advantage of the services and workshops offered by Career Services. By following our four-year plan, students will develop the skills necessary to succeed in their career path and allow them to be confident in their future endeavors by the time their experience at UWO comes to an end.


Freshman Year

  • Access your Titan Jobs account and update your profile.
  • Meet with a career advisor to learn about self-assessment tools available to identify individual career related interests, skills and needs.
  • Select a variety of courses that allow you to experience what you most enjoy studying.
  • Identify majors that relate to the career related information you uncover and make use of the resource "What can I do with this major?"
  • Utilize Titan Jobs to find part-time work that allows you to gain work experience relevant to an area that interests you.
  • Become part of a student organization and volunteer in the community.
  • Start your portfolio using D2L.
  • Create a resume and come to Career Services for resume drop-in hours for feedback from a career advisor.
  • Attend the career fairs; it is never too early to start making connections.



Sophomore Year

  • Check in with your career advisor a minimum of once a semester to discuss changes and progress toward your career goal.
  • Perform informational interviews with faculty in your department as well as professionals in the field you have chosen to pursue.
  • RSVP to Career Services events in Titan Jobs that will provide you with information about the world of work and help you become more prepared for your future career.
  • Update your portfolio in D2L and your resume with newly acquired skills and experiences.
  • Become involved in student or professional organizations related to your field.
  • Research possible internship opportunities.
  • Start to build your networking system.


Junior Year

  • Continue to check in with your career advisor a minimum of once a semester to discuss changes and progress toward your career goal.
  • Participate in career fairs, mock interviews, Dining with Professionals, and Dress for Success workshops.
  • Continue to update your resume and D2L portfolio.
  • Identify five contacts from your networking system that will be able to write recommendations for you.
  • Secure an internship in your field.
  • If you are thinking of attending graduate school, research schools and request application materials to plan your next step, including graduate exams.
  • Network, network and network some more.


Senior Year

  • Take advantage of every workshop offered by Career Services to perfect your job search, interviewing and employability skills.
  • Schedule an appointment with your career advisor to go over your final resume, portfolio, cover letter, etc.
  • Identify employment opportunities through the resources on Titan Jobs.
  • Alert contacts in your networking system to remind them you are in the job search process.
  • Apply, apply and apply for more jobs, keep record of your progress, and remember to follow up on your applications.
  • Complete your process for applying to graduate school.
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