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Professional Skills Program

Since fall 2005, Career Services has implemented a unique program on the UW Oshkosh campus that professionally prepares students for the world of work.

Through the Professional Skills program, we are able to teach students how to market their skills, abilities and accomplishments to successfully land the job or attend the graduate school of their choice. Different workshops, class presentations, mock interviews, Dining with Professionals and Career Fair events provide students with opportunities to put their professional skills into practice with visiting recruiters and human resources managers.


Partner with Career Services

By partnering with academic departments to implement these professional options in the curriculum, we are able to actively prepare students to successfully sell their academic and professional abilities. While academic departments academically prepare our students, we partner with those departments to assist in teaching students to "sell" their academic knowledge and skills in a polished way.

With many accrediting bodies now requiring a career component to your department programs, we are prepared to assist you in meeting those requirements. There are many creative ways for your department to partner to bring your students the professional skills training they need.


Professional Skills Training Offered by Career Services

  • Resume and cover letter development*
  • Job and internship search strategies*
  • Interviewing*
  • Host mock interview sessions for students to put into practice what they've learned in the Interview Workshop (we do recommend that students participate in the interview workshop prior to mock interviews)
  • Networking*
  • Understanding a job, salary and benefits offer*
  • Dining with Professionals
  • Career courses (all of the above topics and more are included) for one credit

*These workshops can be done in the classroom, out of the classroom, for student organizations, honor societies, and more.


Our goal is to work with you, every academic department, to help professionally prepare students to conduct a successful job or internship search. These are skills that can and should be used many times over during a student's professional career. As a university, it should be our goal to present our students in a polished package both academically and professionally.


Current Program Examples

Here are some of the academic departments putting the Professional Skills program in to practice:

  • Communication: three presentations, including Titan Jobs, Interviewing and College to Career Transition, are taught in the senior seminar course; a Communication Networking Social brings both students and professionals together to practice networking; and using our Career Services Get Hired! Guide as a required course text. Students also are required to participate in one mock interview and encouraged to attend one Dining with Professionals event.
  • Computer Science: it is a requirement that students majoring in computer science take our INTRDSCP 208 Professional Skills in Math and Natural Science course as a pre-requisite or co-requisite for their internship. Students taking this course get one credit and are introduced to many of the topics listed above.
  • Other departments successfully working with Career Services on implementing the Professional Skills program include journalism, social work, education, College of Business, and College of Nursing.


There are many more examples of how the Professional Skills program can be implemented in your department. To start the conversation, contact the career advisor working with your department.

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