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No Shave November for Consent

HEY guys and ladies too, listen up! For the ENTIRE month of November put a halt to all shaving for a GREAT cause: CONSENT!

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Take the pledge for consent.

"I pledge to participate with Consent Matters to raise awareness about the importance of consensual sex by growing my beard during the month of November.  It is my belief that all sexual activity should be consensual and come after an enthusiastic YES!"*

Ask Me About my Beard

Make it known (loud and proud) that you're not shaving for CONSENT!  When people ask about your beard, tell them you're raising awareness about the need for explicit consent before sex!


Reminder... Women can participate too (i.e. not shaving legs, etc.) It's less about the beard and more about the message your participation is conveying.

At the end of each week, participants are asked to post a picture of their weekly "no shaving" progression to the CARE Facebook page. . Have fun with it! Use props or whatever you feel is necessary to help attract our attention. Helpful Hint: try to incorporate what you feel Consent is…

Sober: Did you know that in Wisconsin a person cannot legally give consent if his/her/zir blood alcohol content (BAC) is .05 or higher?

Verbal: Did you know that body language can oftentimes be misconstrued?  Explicit Verbal Consent (EVC) must be given before all sexual activity – ask every time!

Mutual: Did you know that when both (or all) parties involved give Explicit Verbal Consent, sex can be far more pleasurable?

Sexy!: Asking about what your partner likes and wants enhances the experiences.  So does checking in with them to make sure they are enjoying the experience.  Give your partner the opportunities to say, Yes!

Consent is not…

Maybe: Did you know that if you or your partner(s) are using phrases like “umm..”, “maybe we shouldn’t”,  or “I don’t know….”, then mutual consent has not been given?

The absence of a “No”: Did you know that consent is not silent?  If you or your partner(s) do not say a verbal “yes”, then mutual consent has not been given.

Pressured: Did you know that if you or your partner(s) are using phrases like “come on…”, “you said you wanted to…” then you may be pressuring or are being pressured?

Set in stone: Did you know that just because a person has given his/her/zir Explicit Verbal Consent,  they can still change his/her/zir mind?  And consenting to one sexual activity (e.g. kissing) is not consenting to all sexual activity (e.g. intercourse).

“I beard for consent!”


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