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Meet Our Peer Educators


Kelsey Mueller

I'm a Psychology major and a Social Justice minor with an emphasis in Human Rights. I am one of the CARE Student Directors. I enjoy staying active and traveling. Promoting healthy relationships and educating others are a few of the many reasons why I joined CARE.

Lauren King

I am one of the CARE Student Directors. I am majoring in Social Work and have a minor in Studio Art. I joined CARE to get a variety of volunteering experiences as well as becoming more educated and aware. I love my family, my friends and my dog.

Meghan Hess

I am a Psychology major with a double minor in Stats and Communications. A few hobbies of mine consist of playing with my dog, snowboarding, game nights with friends and researching psychology studies that have previously been done. I joined CARE to gain knowledge about the different types of relationships, what I can do to help others when in stressful situations and to gain experience in this field.

Erica Rammer

My major is Women's and Gender Studies. I am graduating in May and am super excited! I love to binge watch shows on Netflix, like Orange is the new Black and Grey's Anatomy. I also love to read and spend time with family and friends. I chose to intern with CARE because all the issues that we work with are so important and I'm eager to learn more and be a better advocate.

Rebecca Glaser

I am a Senior at UW-Oshkosh with a major in Communications Studies. I joined CARE because I am interested in learning new communication skills with my peers as well as with professionals. I am encouraged to become a better advocate of healthy relationships and educate others how to be as well. I really enjoy singing and playing piano in my spare time.

Kao Vang

I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Women and Genders Studies. Some of my hobbies are swimming and other water related sport activities such as canoeing, kayaking, etc. I love summer. I joined CARE because of my interest in helping individuals who experience domestic violence, sexual assault, etc. It's something I would like to do as a career.

Brooke Berrens

I am a Senior majoring in Women's and Gender Studies, with a dual minor in art and music. I joined CARE in 2012 from a friend bringing me to a meeting and now I am so passionate about what CARE stands for and spreading awareness of sexual assault and violence.  Outside of CARE, I enjoy cooking, music and biking.

Marissa Mckenney

I am currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art. I hope to continue on to grad school for a counseling degree with some sort of emphasis in experimental therapies. In my free time I like to sing, paint, and watch Netflix. I joined CARE to become more diversely educated with issues that pertain to counseling and to become an advocate for women's issues.

Kade Waldhart

I am a Psychology major and a Religious studies minor. I am an avid reader of psychology research, writing songs and doing multiple art forms like sculpting and painting. I love watching movies and TV shows, finding new music, playing with animals (no snakes!) and learning how to cook in my free time. I am in CARE because I want to learn more about prevalent issues in the community, and be able to educate others and promote healthy relationships.

Edrose Heiny

I am a Psychology major with a Criminal Justice minor. I joined CARE because I want to learn more about rape culture, consent, and relationship violence, along with resources UWO has to offer. My interests include singing, traveling, puppies, and pizza.

Allison Haddock

My major is Women and Gender studies. I am super enthusiastic about my family and of course, my puppy, Timmy. I enjoy going to concerts, both local and not so local. It's a good way to interact with friends and new communities of people. I joined CARE because I think promotion of healthy relationships is extremely important and it's completely undervalued.

Haley Delzer

My major is Psychology and my minor is Women's and Gender Studies. I enjoy reading, writing, and learning. I also enjoy movies, documentaries and video games. And most importantly I love spending time with my family and friends. I joined CARE because I've always had an interest in learning more about issues that affect women. Recognizing these issues would enable me to be able to help women that are in need or simply educate others so they can spread the word.

Hanna Lea Moore

I am a Senior Psychology major. For fun I enjoy hanging out with family and friends and working as a babysitter. Some of my hobbies are hockey or ice skating and going on adventures outside. I joined CARE because I saw how great an opportunity it was and all the great people involved, like the advisors Chris Connacher and Leslie Wartgow. I am excited to see where this semester brings me.

Brianna Sukenik

I am a Junior here at UWO. My major is Psychology and my minor is Sociology. I like hiking, playing volleyball and reading. The reason I joined CARE was to become more educated regarding relationships and what resources are available to those who are victims.