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Meet Our Peer Educators


Ashley Neuhaus

I am a Psychology Major with a Spanish Minor. I joined CARE to gain an awareness of domestic assault and intimate partner violence and to promote healthy relationships on campus. I love being a CARE Student Director because I get to work with an amazing group of people while making a difference on campus. My spare time consists of traveling, reading and drinking a lot of coffee.

Lauren King

I am a Senior at UWO. I am majoring in Social Work and have a minor in Studio Art. I joined CARE to get a variety of volunteering experiences as well as becoming more educated and aware. I love my family, my friends and my dog.

Brianna Warning

I am a Women's and Gender Studies Major with a minor in Psychology. I joined CARE as an intern because what we do as a group is extremely important both to myself personally as well as to our campus as a whole. I enjoy photography on my own time as well as spending time with my family and friends.

Marissa Lueck

I'm a Psychology major with a minor in Social Justice. I joined CARE because I want to bring awareness about issues that may concern our everyday lives as well as come up with solutions.  My other interests are sports, shopping and watching movies.

Rebecca Glaser

I am a Senior at UW-Oshkosh with a major in Communications Studies. I joined CARE because I am interested in learning new communication skills with my peers as well as with professionals. I am encouraged to become a better advocate of healthy relationships and educate others how to be as well. I really enjoy singing and playing piano in my spare time.

Rachel Adams

I am pursing a Physical Education Major and a Women's Studies Minor. I joined CARE because I believe what the organization stands for and I want to help end relationship violence. I spend my free time working out and perfecting my vegan lifestyle.

Brooke Berrens

I am a Senior majoring in Women's and Gender Studies, with a dual minor in art and music. I joined CARE in 2012 from a friend bringing me to a meeting and now I am so passionate about what CARE stands for and spreading awareness of sexual assault and violence.  Outside of CARE, I enjoy cooking, music and biking.

Kelsey Mueller

I'm a Psychology major and a Social Justice minor with an emphasis in Human Rights. I am one of the CARE Student Directors. I enjoy staying active and traveling. Promoting healthy relationships and educating others are a few of the many reasons why I joined CARE.

Bridget Johnson

I am a Senior majoring in Psychology and Minoring in Women and Gender Studies. I joined CARE because I am passionate about women's rights and am eager to educate my peers on healthy relationships. I love dogs, independent films, and Taylor Swift.

Edrose Heiny

I am a Psychology major with a Criminal Justice minor. I joined CARE because I want to learn more about rape culture, consent, and relationship violence, along with resources UWO has to offer. My interests include singing, traveling, puppies, and pizza.

Bryon Shingledecker

I am a communications major. I joined CARE to make a difference on our campus and to help educate people on how to be safe in and out of relationships. In my free time I love to run, play sports, and hangout with my friends!

Zak Thompson

I am a Journalism major with an emphasis in Public Relations. I joined CARE because it's a great cause that I'd like to help spread the word about. In my free time, I like to write, play basketball, and hang out with my friends and family.

Andrea Anderson

I am currently a Sophomore at UWO majoring in Women's and Gender Studies. I am the Co-president of the Women's Advocacy Council, the Diversity and Inclusion Program Assistant for Reeve Union, and now a proud CARE member. I joined CARE so that I could work with the team to spread awareness about important issues and promote a safe campus environment; two of the activities that I am most passionate about when it comes to my personal activism and involvement in the community. In my free time, I enjoy reading feminist authors and spending time with my dog, Gus.

Jeneva Sunday

I am a transfer Nursing student in my 3rd year. I joined CARE to play an active role in transforming my campus community into a safer, more educated environment. I enjoy hiking, running, coffee, and kayaking. I work as a CNA at a group home taking care of adults who suffer with Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, as a cashier at Walgreens, and a tutor (Psychology & Philosophy) for CAR.