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Meet Our Peer Educators

Sabina Chaidez

I am the Director of CARE. I am a senior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. Once I graduate my hopes are to go to graduate school and receive my Master of Social Work and work with young adults. In my free time I like to workout, cook, and spend time with my friends. I decided to join CARE because I have always wanted to work with the campus community by being able to impact students in a positive way and learn how to be a resource for people. I also believe that working with CARE will greatly benefit me in my future career plans.

Rachel Davis

I am the Associate Director and I am a junior majoring in Psychology with a Spanish and Social Justice minor. Currently, I am a Community Advisor at UW-Oshkosh and I joined CARE because I wanted to learn more about relationship issues so that I can better relay this information to students both now and in the future. After I graduate, I plan to go straight into a Master's program to become a School Psychologist. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and catching up on all of my favorite TV shows.

Ceasar Mendros

My name is Ceasar Mendros and I am a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. Once I finish my undergraduate studies, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Counseling. I am really passionate about making a difference in the lives of others; I am currently on my 2nd year of being a Community Advisor and it helps me to practice my passion. Being part of CARE has also given me the opportunity to make a difference by educating and promoting healthy relationships, and preventing sexual violence especially on campus. Besides being active on campus, I also enjoy taking care of myself through running, swimming, hiking, eating and sleeping.

Kelsey Randall

My name is Kelsey Randall and I am a senior majoring in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Control, Deviance, and Criminology along with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Once I graduate my hopes are to pursue a Master's degree in Counseling to one day hopefully work with domestic abuse victims or those suffering from addiction. I am a part of CARE because promoting healthy relationships while also preventing and bringing awareness to sexual assault are two of my biggest passions. Along with being active on campus during my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, hiking, and going and trying new activities.

Pashou Moua

My name is Pashua Moua. I’m a foodie, family lover, and netflix enthusiast. I’m a junior studying Human Services Leadership. With my degree, I hope to work with refugees to ensure a safe and smooth transition for them as they start a new chapter of their life. I sought CARE as an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the issues of domestic violence and to learn about what I can do to stop it. What I love about CARE is that the knowledge and experience I receive will allow me to face these issues headstrong, not just during my internship, but “throughout my life".

Hannah Foley

My name is Han and I am currently a fourth year student studying Social Work and Women and Gender Studies as well as a Community Advisor in Evans Hall.  I am a part of CARE because being an advocate for sexual assault survivors as well as promoting self care, body image positivity, as well being a support system for anyone who needs it are my biggest passions in life.  I hope to graduate (one day!) and get my Masters degree in Public Health, travel the world while learning about different cultures and the amazing people I meet, and have two cats named Huckleberry and Megatron. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, going to concerts, writing, reading, and meeting new people.


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