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NetID Activation Instructions

Before logging on to the Online Registration site, you must first activate your NetID log in for use.

What is my NetID username? 

Your NetID username is the first part of your UWO email address (everything before the @ symbol).

You are able to look up your name in the directory to confirm your username (it is the first part of your UWO email: Go here for the directory.

If you are still unable to identify your NetID username, please call the CAPP Office at 920-424-3003. Please note that NetID information can only be provided to students, not to parents, teachers, or counselors.


 Where do I activate my NetID for the first time?

If this is your very first CAPP class, you need to activate your NetID.

Please make sure to read all instructions listed below before activating your NetID at this link:

1. Make sure you have your correct NetID username (see above).

2. Click the circle next to "First time activation"

3. Enter your NetID username into the first box, and your 7-digit ID number in the second box.

4. Type your new password in the third box. Your password must meet the requirements shown on the password change page. Once your password meets the requirements, "acceptable password" will appear next to the box.

5. Re-type your password, making sure that "passwords match" 

6. Click "Change Password." You should then receive a green message that the password change was successful

  • If you receive Error 1: You may have entered incorrect information. Double check that your username and ID number are typed correctly. You may look yourself up in the Student Directory to confirm your NetID (everything before the @ of your email address). You also may be trying to activate your NetID before your application has finished processing. Try again later
  • If you receive Error 4: You have already created a password for your NetID. If you forgot this password, you must reset using the instructions below.

If, after following these instructions, you are still receiving an error, you may call the Help Desk for assistance. The Help Desk is available Mon-Fri from 7:45am-4:30pm at 920-424-3020.

IMPORTANT: Students must call the Help Desk directly. In following university policy, the Help Desk CANNOT discuss student accounts with anyone other than the student (including parents, teachers, and high school counselors).


I've used my NetID before, but I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?

If you already have access to your UWO email account (, you may use the "Forgotten Password" link on this page:

(Click here to set up your UWO email account)

If you are not using your UWO email address, you must call the Help Desk to reset your password. The Help Desk is open from 8:00am-4:30pm and their number is 920-424-3020. You must provide your UWO student ID number, and it is best to have access to a computer when you call.


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