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Online Registration - Pilot

This information is only for students participating in the online registration pilot for 2014-15 at Oshkosh North, Oshkosh West, Omro, or Lourdes High Schools. 


First time log in directions

Titan Web home page

Problems logging in to TitanWeb should be directed to Academic Computing - 920-424-3020.

Online Registration Directions

CAPP Online Course Registration Directions for TitanWeb

Search & Add Courses for all UW Oshkosh students but contain screen shots

View My Class Schedule for all UW Oshkosh students

Other Help Manuals


Term Withdrawl


Registration Form if you are not able to enroll online due to an error

Credit Overload InstructionsCredit Overload Form & complete Add Card for class you are unable to enroll yourself in

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