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Online Registration

STOP! You cannot complete the online registration until after you have completed the admission application AND waited to receive your UWO student ID number (7 digits, beginning with "0")

AFTER receiving your UWO student ID number, please follow the steps below. 

Steps for completing Online Registration

1) You must use your NetID log in for the registration site: 

Go here for instructions on NetID activation

2) Click Here for the Link to Registration Form

CAPP Online Course Registration Directions:

Single page . or PowerPoint slides


Forms and Deadlines

Semester deadlines for 2016-17

Directions and forms for dropping CAPP courses

Credit Overload Instructions & Credit Overload Form is required if you are registering for more than 15 UWO credits in one semester.


After you are enrolled, check TitanWeb

Your TitanWeb homepage will show your in progress courses, and can be used to confirm your enrollment after registration. Keep in mind that registration does not automatically enroll you. You should check your Applicant Collections on the registration site for the status of your registration.

You will also use TitanWeb to request your official transcript if needed at the end of the course.

First time log in directions

Titan Web home page (log in as "student or faculty member")

Problems logging in to TitanWeb should be directed to Academic Computing - 920-424-3020.

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