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First Apply, Then Register

There are two steps required to enroll in a CAPP course, 1) Apply, and 2) Register. These must be completed in order. Instructions for completing Step 1 are below.

Step 1: Apply Online to UW Oshkosh (Admission Application)

The application process is free and you will have no obligation to take a CAPP course. Completing the admission application is required prior to registering for your CAPP courses. 

  •  You must complete a new admission application for each academic year you take CAPP courses. You cannot be enrolled in CAPP courses for the current year unless you have submitted an application for the current year.
  • The admission application DOES NOT enroll you in classes. You must also register (see Step 2: Register on the right).

You may wish to view the PDF of the Information Needed For Admission so you have everything you need before filling out the application or to print the steps listed below.

You may find it helpful to use these sheet to keep track of the several Log-ins you will need throughout this process: CAPP Log-In Tracking Sheet

  1. Go to the UW Online Admission Application homepage at to apply.
  2. Log in
    1. If you have NEVER applied to the UW System (if you are a new CAPP student), click "Register as new user". Create a new Login and password, complete the questions, and click "Save new registration" THIS DOES NOT COMPLETE THE PROCESS. Please continue with the steps below.
    2. If you have ALREADY applied before to the UW system (if you are a returning CAPP student) you must log in with the information you created last year. If you forgot your information, click the blue buttons below the log in boxes for existing users and you will receive an email to help you move forward.
  3. Once you have logged in, choose “Create a New Application” from the links on the left hand side and then choose UW Oshkosh from the drop down menu.
  4. Continue through the screens selecting the appropriate responses. Make sure to select that you have not yet completed high school.
    1. If you are a NEW CAPP student, select you have no college courses taken
    2. If you are a RETURNING CAPP student, select some college courses taken
  5. When you get to the screen titled "Reason for Applying," choose “High School Special/Youth Options Program”.
  6. At the next screen, "Applying As," choose “Cooperative Academic Partnership”.
  7. Select the term in which you will be taking a class from the menu. 
    1. Select fall if you will take CAPP courses beginning in fall. The fall application should be used if you are taking courses in fall only, in both fall and spring, or full year courses that begin in the fall and end in spring. **It is recommended that you select fall for your application, as this application will make you an active student for the entire year.
    2. Select spring if you are applying for courses that run only during the spring term. If you already applied for fall of the academic year, you should NOT submit an additional spring application.
  8. At the next screen you will review the summary of information you’ve entered so far. If any of the information is incorrect, use the "Previous" buttons to return and make edits.
  9. Select “Continue” if you wish to continue filling out the application. You cannot change this first section of information after you click "Continue". THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE ACTUAL APPLICATION.
  10. Continue from section to section. 
    1. NEW CAPP Students: You have never before attended UWO
    2. RETURNING CAPP Students: You HAVE attended UWO as a Nondegree/Special Student. Enter the "From" date of your first semester with CAPP, and the "To" date of the most recent semester you took a CAPP course.
    3. ALL STUDENTS: You may select "Unknown" for the campus from which you expect to graduate, or choose one of the other options if you do know.
    4. Continue with the identification questions (name, gender, ethnicity). Continue with your Personal Information
    5. PLEASE MAKE SURE that your preferred email address is accurate. This is how you will be contacted after applying. Students should use their own personal email, NOT the email of a parent or guardian. A non-school email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) is preferred, as some school addresses block outside mail.
    6. Continue with your contact information.
    7. Continue with Parent/Guardian information.
    8. Make sure to select that you are still in high school, when prompted.
    9. Enter your high school name. Enter your anticipated future high school graduation date (ex: 06/2018).
    10. Enter at least one course that you are intending to take.
      1. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT SELECT DUAL CREDIT. THIS IS CAUSING AN ERROR WITH APPLICATIONS. Even if you list a CAPP course (which is dual credit) select "NO" for the dual credit option.
      2. NOTE: Listing a CAPP course in the admission application does not enroll you in that course. No action is needed if you change the CAPP course(s) that you intend to take after submitting your admission application. After submitting your application, please review the steps of online registration linked below.
    11. Continue with Higher Education information.
      1. NEW CAPP Students: Check the box "I have no institutions of higher education to report."
      2. RETURNING CAPP Students (or other students with previous college coursework): Add UWO (or appropriate institution) as your institution of higher education, and complete the information. You may select "NONE" for the degree, and leave the other degree and college major fields blank.
    12. Continue with residency information. Continue with the parent tax information
  11. After completing the entire application, follow the “Sign and Submit Application” directions.
    1. Perform final check for errors. (Correct any errors found).
    2. Type your name to electronically sign the application.
    3. Print out the "Application Complete Instruction Sheet" for your records.

Upon completion of the application you will receive your App ID confirmation number. You should save this number it will be used as proof of application submission. The AppID will be sent to you via email, and can also be viewed on the application website when you view your submitted application. 

**YOUR AppID CAN NOT BE USED TO ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNTS. You must use your UWO student ID number, which will not be available until after your application has processed. IMPORTANT!! An email will be sent out to all applied students in mid-August, containing further information. If you apply after this time, you WILL NOT receive any further information unless you contact the CAPP Office.

Step 2: Register for your Course once the semester begins

Before registering, you must complete the UW Oshkosh Online Admission Application (Step 1 above) and meet the CAPP eligibility requirements. Your eligibility to take CAPP courses and the amount you may have to pay for the course will be determined at the time you actually register for a CAPP course. Click here for more registration information.


Returning CAPP Student?

Welcome back!  Admission applications for CAPP are only good for one year. Therefore, you do need to submit a new admission application for this year. You may log in to the application site using your information from last year and create a new application for this year following the steps above.Your information saved from last year will show up in your new application, making it easier to fill out.

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