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Keynote Speaker

Alignment Through Incentive: Formalized Workshops for Concurrent Enrollment Instructors

Presented by Dr. Nicole Bryant

Nicole Bryant holds multiple interrelated titles at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wyoming: Interim Dean for the School of Arts and Humanities; English faculty member; English Department Coordinator and Concurrent Enrollment Lead Instructor. Over the past two years, Nicole has developed initiatives to revise concurrent enrollment through faculty development and administrative partnerships. Nicole’s work in curricular alignment and professional development contributes to Laramie County Community College’s goal to become the first college in the state of Wyoming to be nationally accredited through the National Association of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships. Originally from Michigan, Nicole has taught English in Detroit, Michigan, Casper, Wyoming, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. She has been awarded Teacher of The Year three times since 2006, and continues to direct her energy and talents toward student empowerment through teaching, faculty support and course design.

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