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CAPP Summer Academy

Summer 2014!

For summer 2014, CAPP will be offering a selection of college courses for credit to interested students.

Here is the opportunity to start college now at a fraction of the cost!!!  Are you ready for a challenge this summer?

  • The pace will be intense
  • Courses will be taught by UWO college faculty
  • Courses offered both online and on campus (see schedule below)
  • Tuition is reduced (please note: online courses are more)
  • ….and you will have college credit at the end of the summer!!!

These courses are designed to challenge you and give you the ‘college’ experience!

Important Facts

  • The CAPP Summer Academy is run directly through the CAPP Office and not your high school.  These course are for college credit only, if you need high school credit, please contact your high school before enrolling for approval.
  • If your school already offers the course, you are NOT eligible to take it through the CAPP Summer Academy.
  • Courses are open to all students who will be high school juniors, seniors, or college freshmen in the fall and meet the CAPP eligibility requirements.
  • Payment for the course should be sent with the registration sheet directly to the CAPP Office.  Contact information is on the registration sheet.
  • All information and correspondence for these courses will be communicated through UW Oshkosh email and not your high school.
  • Initial enrollment information and directions will be sent via email provided to us – please check your email regularly.
  • These courses do have a minimum enrollment.  (Final decision to run the course will be made 2 weeks before the course starts.)
  • Students are responsible to request their transcripts.  Transcripts are NOT automatically sent by UW Oshkosh or CAPP.


Don’t hesitate – first come first serve – Applications & tuition due by May 1, 2014!

Classes run June 16 to August 8, 2014, unless otherwise noted under Format. Course descriptions are available. Click on the title of the course to see the syllabus.

CourseFormatMin/Max EnrollmentTuition*InstructorCredits

Math 109 - Elementary Statistics**

online 14/25 $855 Dr. Chitra Gunawardena 3
Engineering Tech101 - Fundamentals of Engineering Technology online 14/24 $570 Dr. Greg Kleinheinz 2
Psych 101 - General Psychology online 14/20 $855 Jamie Young 3
History 202 - Modern U.S. History Since 1877 On Campus M-Th 9:30-11:00am 14/40 $402 Dr. Jeffrey Pickron 3
English 101 - College English On Campus MW 12:30-3:45pm 14/25 $402 Dr. Morgan Foster 3
ACAD 125 - Comprehensive Study Skills

online (7/7-7/31)

14/20 $69 Melanie Marine 1
ACAD 169 - College Reading Strategies online (6/16-7/11) 14/20 $69 Leah Lidbury 1


* Does not include cost of textbook, course materials, or parking fees. Online course tuition is $235 per credit plus $50 per credit technology/online fee. On campus course tuition is $134 per credit. ACAD courses are at a special reduced tuition

**Please note: Students must take the Math Placement test and earn:  Math Basics 376, Algebra 446, and Trigonometry 150 before taking Math 109.  More information on the Math placement test can be found: . If student has taken Math 108, 171 or 172 through CAPP, they do not need to take the Placement Exam again.

All information subject to change and courses will run based on enrollment.

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