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Summer Professional Development

2015 CAPP Summer Seminars

Professional Development for ALL High School Teachers

These seminars are designed specifically for high school teachers to enrich their curriculum with the latest technology, techniques, and concepts in the teacher’s specific content area. The workshops offer the opportunity to focus on their core content area.

Teachers will be interacting with other high school teachers in their content area, as well as University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty and staff, to maximize the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. These workshops are free to all CAPP adjuncts and a small fee for all others. Seminars are offered in the following areas:

DepartmentDate/LocationWorkshop InformationContact
Computer Science

Monday, July 13

Location: Halsey Teaching Computer lab

Free parking lot 17

Discussion of Jo Boaler's research on mindsets and how it pertains to teaching and learning CS.

There will also be sample programming assignments for CS221


French Online D2L resources available all summer There is a D2L page open to CAPP French adjuncts. The page contains a variety of articles, documents and other activities.  The website will be regularly updated with authentic materials of interest to both teachers and their students.

Andrzej Dziedzic


2nd week of August TBD

Location: Swart

How to Teach Infinite Sequences and Series, Using Sage Math Cloud and TeXmacs.  

In the first part of the workshop, I will be doing a presentation on how to effectively teach infinite sequences and series. In the second part, I will discuss the wonderful website Sage Math Cloud and how it can be used to teach Mathematics. Finally, I will introduce an incredibly user friendly, public domain WISIWIG TeX like math typesetting system called TeXmacs.

Zoubir Benzaid


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