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Summer Professional Development

2014 CAPP Summer Seminars

Professional Development for ALL High School Teachers

These seminars are designed specifically for high school teachers to enrich their curriculum with the latest technology, techniques, and concepts in the teacher’s specific content area. The workshops offer the opportunity to focus on their core content area.

Teachers will be interacting with other high school teachers in their content area, as well as University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty and staff, to maximize the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. These workshops are free to all CAPP adjuncts and a small fee for all others. Seminars are offered in the following areas:

DepartmentDate/LocationWorkshop InformationContact


June 23-25 (9am-4:30pm)

John Michael Kohler Art Center

Kohler Art Center and Peck School of Arts  -  In this Innovative Educators Institute, participants will explore how community and collaboration play a vital role in art, industry and the classroom while becoming immersed in the Arts and Industry: Collaboration and Revelation exhibition featured in the Kohler galleries - visit website


Mary Hoefferle



June 24


Halsey 175

Free parking in lot 17

Development of Case Studies for use in Introductory Biology Courses.  The session will be a brainstorming/work session between UWO liaisons and adjuncts to develop a set of case studies for use in Introductory Biology courses.  

Lisa Dorn

Bea Holton

Todd Kostman

Mary Seaman

Business & Finance

May 21


Sage 2239

Free parking in lot 7

10:00 From the Ashes of WWII-the political and historical basis for international trade (Bill Wresch)

11:00 Financial Independence - investing strategies for individuals (Bob Kunkel)

12:00 Lunch

12:30 general discussion, curricular questions, wrap up

Bill Wresch

Bob Kunkel



August 20

ay Neal
Computer Science

July 8

Halsey 260

Free parking in lot 17

405 licensing program at UWO, Joe Kmoch presentation/discussion, and CS221 programming assignments that use the media computation approach

Flyer with more information



July 14
(8:30am-2:30pm )


Parking permits needed

Denise Robson

July 9
Sage 4212

Afternoon 12:30-2:00pm Polk Library


Free parking in lot 7

The Pedagogy of Memoir Writing: Sit in English 709, Memoir as Argument: a course in creative writing and pedagogy. M.A. students will read aloud from their memoir writing, briefly, after which they will help me to lead a workshop on strategies for teaching creative writing students how to re-envision memoir-writing as a persuasive art form!

We will also spend time highlighting the most interesting and useful advice for teachers inspired by our “What Would You Do? Real Questions from Ten Years in a Creative Writing Classroom.” We will provide coffee and pastries as well!

Afternoon: Library Resources (Badgerlink) and using scholarly research sources

Laura Jean Baker

Sam Looker


August 18 

Sage 2215

Free parking in lot 7

Teaching the GDR in advanced German courses. Topics and implementation in German CAPP 248. Monika Hohbein-Deegen
Math 2nd week of August Calculus Flipped Classroom and the use of Camtasia and other technologies

Zoubir Benzaid

Rick Bolda


June 17

 Sage 4212

Free parking in lot 15

Spanish 248 and 312 Course Content and Expectations and
Cultural Studies in the Curriculum

Cathy Bryan 


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