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Professional Development Scholarship Program


Who is Eligible for Funding?

Any high school teacher who is currently a CAPP adjunct or who has an educational plan that would allow them to become a CAPP adjunct within one academic year. First consideration will be given to teachers, whether adjuncts or not, who will be eligible to teach a new CAPP course after completing the requested course.

What is Eligible for Funding?

The CAPP Professional Development Scholarship Program will reimburse students for up to 100 percent of the tuition for graduate courses taken at UW Oshkosh. The amount of the scholarship will take into consideration the unfunded needs of the student, the value to CAPP students in the high school and the amount of money available in the scholarship program. 

How Do You Apply?

Before taking the course, the applicant should complete an application form and also submit a statement concerning how the requested course scholarship will allow them to teach new CAPP courses and/or support their teaching of current CAPP offerings. A letter of support from the applicant’s school principal for the requested course also must be submitted.

This letter should discuss whether or not school or district funds are available for any portion of the cost of tuition for the teacher and the likelihood of new CAPP course offerings. CAPP scholarship funds will be considered to the extent that other funding is unavailable – matching contributions are favored, but not required.

After You Apply: Applications will be reviewed by the CAPP office and discussed with the appropriate UW Oshkosh academic department. If clarification is needed, the applicant will be contacted. If a positive decision is made, the applicant will receive a letter of commitment for reimbursement of some or all of course tuition upon completion of the course. The amount granted may be up to the full amount of tuition.

Applicants will then need to apply as a Special Student through the Graduate Studies Office. Consult with the academic department about what courses to take. Complete the registration form and submit to Graduate Studies. Indicate you are a CAPP adjunct.

Graduate Studies Website:

Contact Information: Any questions should be directed to the CAPP Office at (920) 424-3003.

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