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Mathematics Placement Exam


The following mathematics courses will be offered as CAPP courses.

  • Mathematics 108 Pre-Calculus (5 credits). Prerequisite: required scores in the mathematics placement test.
  • Mathematics 109 Elementary Statistics (3 credits). Prerequisite: required scores in the mathematics placement test.
  • Mathematics 171 Calculus I (4 credits). Prerequisite: Mathematics 108 with a grade of C or better or the required scores in the mathematics placement test.
  • Mathematics 172 Calculus II (4 credits). Prerequisite: Mathematics 171 with a grade of C or better.
  • Mathematics 273 Calculus III (4 credits). Prerequisite: Mathematics 172 with a grade of C or better.


Preliminary Planning

At least one face-to-face planning session between the high school faculty and University CAPP liaison faculty must occur prior to the offering of the course.


Placement Examination

All high school students who wish to take Mathematics 108, 109 or 171 must take mathematics placement test. The high school should contact UW Oshkosh Testing Center (Duane Goupell 920.424.0068 or ) for arrangements with regard to the mathematics placement test.


Minimum Scores Required For:

  • Mathematics 108: Math Basics 376, Algebra 446, Trigonometry 150
  • Mathematics 109: Math Basics 376, Algebra 446, Trigonometry 150
  • Mathematics 171: Math Basics 376, Algebra 536, Trigonometry 566

Students are allowed to re-take the placement test. However, the re-takes must be completed before the students register for the course at the Testing Center at UW Oshkosh.


The textbook, scope and sequence of topics and the course syllabus (adjusted to fit the high school timetable) must be as nearly the same as possible to the university counterpart courses. Both University and high school faculty will exchange syllabi, tests, handouts, calculator programs, computer algebra worksheets and any other course materials that will be used during the CAPP course.


Technology Policy

TI-83 or TI-84 calculator is currently required of all the mathematics courses approved as CAPP courses and shall be required of all CAPP students. Students should not only be permitted, but encouraged, to use the calculators on tests, in class and for homework. As graphic calculator technology changes, and calculator policy changes in the Mathematics Department, then that policy shall also be in force for the CAPP mathematics courses. Students should use calculators not as crutches, but to enhance concept acquisition, and solve problems from numerical and graphical perspectives as well as by analytical (algebraic) methods. Computer work (such as using the computer algebra systems Maple, Mathematica or MATLAB) will be decided by the high school teacher, assuming computer accessibility is readily available to all participating students at the high school location.


Department Position

It is the position of the mathematics department that any CAPP mathematics course should be as nearly equivalent as possible to its University counterpart. We do not offer University credit to bright students for high school level work. Therefore, students and faculty involved in this program should expect to work hard to achieve these standards. 

Please note that students MUST have a passing score on the placement exam to enroll in a math course.

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