Curriculum requirements


Required Units (crs.): 24 minimum

Required Courses:

• One semester in residence, enrolled full time in courses at the University of New Brunswick
• Interdisciplinary Studies 245 or 246
• UNB-XXX: Canada-U.S. Studies Seminar


This minor will require one semester of full-time study at the University of New Brunswick, which will include UNB-XXX. Students from both universities who enroll in this joint minor will be required to take two semesters of a core Canada-U.S. Studies course that will be offered in alternate semesters by each institution, and will include both Canadian and U.S. students. The core course will include cultural activities that both “home” and “visiting” students will participate in, increasing the sense of community among students at both institutions. One faculty member at each institution will teach the course; several other faculty members may present guest lectures, and some lectures may be presented via compressed video.

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