Curriculum requirements

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

William Baurecht

Department of English, Coordinator of the University Honors Program,
Coordinator of the College of Letters and Science Canada-US Studies Initiative.
Dr. Baurecht specializes in identities themes in late 19th through mid-20th Century
America. Department of English

John A. Cross

Department of Geography, Associate Dean College of Letters and Science.
Dr. Cross' research interests center upon human responses to natural hazards and
changes in agriculture. Dr. Cross teaches two courses of interest to students in
Canada-US Studies: The Geography of the United States and Canada and
Ethnic Landscapes of America. Department of Geography and Urban Planning

Vivian Foss

Department of English.
Dr. Foss specializes in Renaissance literature and history and Early Modern English
Drama. The courses she teaches most often are Shakespeare and Advanced
Composition, Writing in the Sciences.
Department of English

Yvette Guillemin-Young

Department of Foreign Languages, French Section.
Dr. Guillemin-Young teaches French language and French & Francophone
literatures and cultures and specializes in French medieval literature and Breton
minority literature. French Division of Department of Foreign Languages

Martin Gruberg

Department of Political Science, Director of Pre-Law.
Dr. Gruberg specializes in American Politics and Public Law.
Department of Political Science

Stephen Kercher

Department of History.
Dr. Kercher specializes in 20th -century U.S. History, with an emphasis on
post-World War II cultural and intellectual life.
Department of History

Ronald Rindo

Department of English, Associate Chair of English.
Dr. Rindo is a fiction writer and a specialist in 19th century American
Literature. Department of English

Michael Zimmerman

Dean of the College of Letters and Science.
Department of Biology/Microbiology
The College of Letters and Science

University of New Brunswick

Jennifer Andrews

Department of English.
Dr. Andrews specializes in Canadian Literature and Native North American
Literatures. Department of English

Gail Campbell

Department of History.
Dr. Campbell specializes in 19th-century Canadian Social and Political History with a
focus on New Brunswick. Department of History

Deborah Johnston

Department of History, Coordinator of Arts 1000.
Dr. Johnston specializes in Decolonization in Africa and the History of Slavery.
Arts 1000 is a one-year common intellectual experience required of all new students in the Faculty of Arts. Department of History

Peter Kent

Department of History, Director of International Relations (Fredericton
Campus). Dr. Kent specializes in the History of Italy and the Vatican in the
20th Century. Department of History

Ross Leckie

Department of English, Director of Creative Writing.
Dr. Leckie is the Director of Creative Writing and Editor of The Fiddlehead.
A published poet he also writes literary criticism. Department of English

William Parenteau

Department of History.
Dr. Parenteau specializes in the History of Atlantic Canada and the Environmental
History of North America. Department of History

John Rowcroft

Dean of the Arts Faculty
Department of Political Science
The Arts Faculty

Richard Sigurdson

Department of Political Science, Chair of Political Science.
Dr. Sigurdson specializes in the comparative study of citizenship and nationalism, as well as in the politics of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Department of Political Science

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