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Management and Analysis

The Survey Success Center is here to see you through the survey process. We can do as much or as little as you need, including:

  • Front-end research – Not sure what or who to ask? Our faculty experts can take the lead on all front-end research including developing the survey tool, determining the survey objectives, and identifying the right target market.
  • Collection – Our student call center team is specially trained to collect sound qualitative and quantitative data utilizing sample populations. All data collection, whether by phone, email, web or face-to-face, is overseen by professional senior supervisors.
  • Analysis – Now that you have the data, what will you do with it? Our experts can assist with analyzing your results and providing recommendations for effective action plans.
  • Data entry – We welcome your data even if we did not create or conduct the survey. Our system and trained staff are available to handle large data collection projects.
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