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About Growth Management Academy


To drive business value and growth of Second Stage Companies through learning, sharing and creating effective scalable strategies.


To mobilize Second Stage Companies and their leaders to seek growth opportunities.

Core values:




Economic Development

Who we serve:

Second-stage companies located in Northeast Wisconsin which have grown past the startup stage but have not yet grown to maturity. They have enough employees to exceed the comfortable control span of one owner/CEO and benefit from adding professional managers, but they may not have a full-scale professional management team.  Employee numbers and revenue ranges vary by industry, but the population of firms with 10 to 100 employees and/or $500,000 to $20 million in receipts includes the vast majority of second stage companies.

The real criterion is that the organization is a small- to mid-sized company that has identified that they want to grow!

How It Works

The Growth Management Academy program consists of three (3) phases targeting key growth topics as a foundation to the individual, customized portions of the program. Key topic areas are Financial, Marketing and Organizational Development/Human Resources. These sessions will be led by a team of industry leaders and UW Oshkosh faculty.  

  • Phase 1 - Discovery of key strategic Initiatives
  • Phase 2 - Review & Refine
  • Phase 3 - Customized growth plan 

In six to eight weeks, you will work one-on-one with a team of subject matter experts that provide a unique knowledge base and data resources. Upon completion, your organization will walk away with an action plan for sustainable growth, empowered management team and support network.

To learn more or apply for the program, please complete the application form. Only 5 companies will be selected per cohort. 


Program launches January 2018 - Apply now

One-on-one sessions will be held based on company preferences


There is no fee for participation in the Growth Management Academy. Participants are expected to attend all of the sessions and complete all required curriculum.


 “Having access from an unbiased 3rd party professional is invaluable.”  - Mary Wiedenmeier, Partner at Provident Financial Consultants, LLC






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