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Science and Industry

Science and industry unite at the Business Success Center. Our university scientists are available to assist with laboratory testing, analysis and specialized equipment needs. If you’re seeking answers related to research and development, manufacturing, product testing, or other laboratory-based innovations, we have the expertise and the facilities to get the job done.

Applied Sciences

The UWO biology and chemistry departments offer lab equipment in three classes:

  • Class 1 – Non-analytical equipment such as cold storage, incubators, etc.
  • Class 2 – Low to medium level testing equipment
  • Class 3 – High level sophisticated testing equipment

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Imagine knowing exactly where your customers live – not just according to an address list, but an actual map, a visual showing where your target population clusters and scatters. Then imagine using that information to redefine sales territories or to predict trends. This isn’t science fiction – it’s GIS technology, available through the Business Success Center to navigate today’s ever-changing world.

A geographic information system (GIS) is a combination of modern technology and geographic data that provides insight, knowledge, and analysis to modern problems. Cartography is the art, science, and technology of making and using maps. Together GIS and cartography provide indispensable tools for governance, society, commerce and environmental management. They help you make an educated, well-informed decision. The Business Success Center offers these services to shed light on a variety of business initiatives, including managing natural and cultural resources, retail trade, coordinating emergency response, enforcing laws, or mapping delivery and bus routes.

For more information on how UWO’s science and technology experts can help propel your business, contact us today.

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