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Resources for Education Institutions

Schools face distinctive challenges in today’s marketplace. Retaining and training quality students is no longer a given, but a goal. Are you equipped to compete? The Business Success Center understands your unique position. As both business professionals and educators, our experts can help you identify and overcome the obstacles to your success.

Our resources include:

Economic Impact Study

Referendums call you to show value to the community. We’ll help collect and present convincing data.

ESL Tutoring

Our Spanish and Hmong experts assist with developing and teaching lesson plans. Tutors are available in math, English, social studies and science.

Marketing Plan Consultation

Discover how you can increase enrollment through effective marketing.

GIS Student Analysis and Mapping

We collect demographic information that can predict future enrollment, boundary or redistricting impacts, how to optimize special programs, and bussing efficiency.

Technology Tutoring for Teachers

Student interns are available to support your media specialist and to train teachers on technology skills.

Marketing/Communications/Public Relations Interns

Student interns can assist your public relations committee with newsletters, web development and other PR initiatives.

Achievement Gap Tutoring

UWO students are available to mentor students in good study habits and to offer special help with math, English, social studies and science.

IT Support

Employ student IT experts to assist with technical support, installing new programs and hardware, and developing tutorials.

Special Education Tutoring

Our special education tutors are trained to aid teachers in improving technology skills and to provide support for specific software packages including Skyward, Kurzweil, and Word Q.

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