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How do I find an internship?

There are many ways to approach this. Many internship opportunities are advertised. Bulletin boards in Halsey, such as the ones outside of the Biology office (HS 142) and across from HS 150, are good places to look for advertised positions.

There are a number of useful websites that list internship and other job opportunities at the national level. For example, Texas A&M has a good one for positions in the fields of ecology and environmental science. A good source for healthcare related internships is The National Science Foundation offers a program called Research Experience for Undergraduates, which provides stipends for students to do research in various labs and field stations throughout the United States.

Students can also directly contact potential employers to inquire about internship possibilities.


Can I conduct two internships with the same employer?

This is generally discouraged, unless the student can make a strong case that the primary activities performed during the two internships are qualitatively different. Continuations may be acceptable under certain circumstances however (e.g. one credit during summer plus two credits during fall).


If I have identified an internship, how do I proceed?

The first step is to contact Dr. Bob Stelzer or Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz to arrange a meeting. At this meeting, you will be given an internship application. Return the completed application to either Dr. Stelzer or Mueller-Spitz. We will then send a form to your prospective employer that includes questions about the type of work you would be doing during the internship and how it would relate to your knowledge of biology.

After we receive a satisfactorily-completed form, we will ask that you visit the Biology office (HS 142). With our approval, the office can enroll you in Bio 300 or Bio 301.

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