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Biology Closed Class & Repeat Policy

What To Do When A Class is Full

  • Don't waste time asking the instructor to sign you in, because instructors in this department aren't allowed to do that.

The Biology Department uses the electronic wait-list feature in Titan Web. Classes with an active wait-list will display a yellow triangle next to the section(s).  Click here (link to instructions) for step-by-step instructions for how to wait-list a class that is closed.

Things to be aware of:

  • All sections of a class must be closed before the wait-list is activated
  • All pre-requisite requirements must be met in order to wait-list a given class
  • Students must have an active enrollment appointment to wait-list a class
  • Only one lab section can be wait-listed per lecture
  • The total maximum credits allowed for wait-listing is 11


The department will notify wait-listed students IN TURN if/when a seat opens up in a wait-listed course. Notifications will be sent to the student’s email with instructions for enrollment. The student will have 24 hours from receipt of the email to complete the process before being dropped from the list.


Appeal To Repeat Policy

Requests for the Fall and Spring semesters are not processed until the first week of the semester. Students who wish to repeat ​need to be watching Titan Web and if a seat becomes available, come to the Biology office (Halsey 142) ​right away.

​As long as the seat is still open when you get to the office​, we will set it down and help you complete the necessary paperwork.

​Requests for the Summer term are able to be processed right away, however, you must come to the ​Biology office (Halsey 142) to complete the process and a seat must be available when you arrive.

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