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Program of Study

Requirements for Graduation

In addition to requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies, three additional requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Thirty credits applicable to the graduate degree constitute the minimal requirement for all students. At least 15 credits being applied to the M.S. degree must be in graduate-only courses (700 numbers). The other 15 credits may be from courses that are dual level (combined undergraduate and graduate students and designated by 500 and 600 numbers). Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or above.
  2. Students must pass a written comprehensive examination and satisfy fully the graduate school requirements for advancement to candidacy. The exam is prepared and the results are evaluated by an Advancement to Candidacy Committee (of three graduate faculty from the department) selected by the student. It is strongly recommended that students complete this exam as early as possible (e.g., during the second semester for most students).
  3. All students must write and successfully defend a thesis based on original research. The research is performed under the supervision of the thesis advisor.


Required Courses and Electives

Required Courses

  • Two credits graduate seminar (Bio 728 748 or 768 Botany, Zoology or Microbiology Seminar)
  • Two credits data analysis (Bio 710 Biostatistics)
  • Four credits advanced topics (Bio 765 or 766 Advanced Topics in Microbiology or Biology)
  • Six credits thesis (Bio 795)


Elective Courses

Any combination of 500 or 600 level courses in the department of biology and microbiology can be used for elective credits. In addition, selected courses in chemistry, geography, geology, mathematics,physics and psychology can be used. See TitanWeb for a complete list.

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