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Faculty Research Interests

All of our faculty conduct research projects in a subdiscipline of biology. Below are listed the names of our faculty, a brief summary of their interests, and (where available) links to their websites.



  • Greg Adler: Tropical ecology.
  • Stephen Bentivenga: Mycology.
  • Sheldon Cooper: Animal ecological physiology, avian thermoregulation and energetics. Co-chairman of the department.
  • David Dilkes: Vertebrate paleontology, specifically the early evolutionary history of amphibians and reptiles.
  • Lisa Dorn: Plant genetics and evolution.
  • Beatrice Holton: Control of tension in epithelial sheets such as the chorioamniotic membrane of avian embryos.
  • Toivo Kallas: Molecular genetics and biochemistry of electron transport mechanisms, redox-signaling, and oxygen radicals in microalgae.
  • Greg Kleinheinz: Public health microbiology, environmental microbiology.
  • Todd Kostman: Calcium regulation in plants. Co-chairman of the department.
  • Courtney Kurtz: Immunology, digestive physiology, hibernation physiology.
  • Thomas Lammers: Classification and evolution of the flowering plant family Campanulaceae. Curator of the herbarium.
  • Eric Matson: Microbial Ecology.
  • Colleen McDermott: Microbial contamination of beaches, source tracking of microbial contamination, cyanobacterial toxins.  Associate Dean of Letters & Science for the Math and Science Division.
  • Elsbeth "Misty" McPhee: Also a faculty member in the environmental studies program. Effects of captivity on behavior and morphology; effects of captive breeding on the success of reintroduction programs for endangered wildlife; behavioral response to novel environments
  • Dana Merriman: Physiology and cell biology of vertebrate CNS/retina in health and disease; hibernation physiology. Curator of the Squirrel Colony.
  • Michelle "Shelly" Michalski: Gene expression in filarial nematodes that cause neglected tropical diseases, vector borne disease
  • Sabrina Mueller-Spitz: Undergraduate Microbiology Internship Coordinator.
  • Robert Pillsbury: Wetland ecology, freshwater algae
  • Walter Rainboth: Systematics and taxonomy of Asian cyprinid fishes.
  • Teri Shors: Virology, poxviruses and environmental virology.
  • Robert Stelzer: Nutrient flux and cycling in streams, roles of species in freshwater ecosystems, lake and stream food webs. Graduate Coordinator. Undergraduate Biology Internship Coordinator.
  • Robert Wise: Plant stress physiology and ultrastructure.
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