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Thomas Lammers-other scholarly interest

Historical Fiction Novellas

Published by Thomas G. Lammers

Augustus Greene in the Lair of the Pye-a-Saw (2009)

A Botanical Adventure on the American Frontier!

Four years before the Louisiana Purchase, an intrepid young American botanist defies the Spanish authorities to study the flora of what is today southeastern Iowa.  Accompanied only by his resourceful French-Canadian guide,  he boldly plunges into this unknown country, discovering plants new to science, reveling in the pristine wilderness.  There he encounters  an ancient monument to a fearsome monster of antiquity: a terrible beast  that  fed upon the deer and buffalo ... and men!  He hears troubling rumors among the Indians: the beast lives again! Once more it stalks the prairies, destroying all in its path!   What  will  be the young explorer’s fate when he penetrates the monster’s lair and makes the most terrifying discovery of his life?


Obadiah Gray and the Mystery of the Centurion’s Testament (2009)

An Archaeological Mystery on the American Frontier!

In 1852, a puzzling coin turns up in a farmer’s field near Burlington, Iowa.  Seeking clues to its origin, amateur scientist Dr. Obadiah Gray  and  his two stalwart companions stumble onto an even more unbelievable discovery: a document purportedly written in 56 B.C. by a castaway Roman centurion!

Is the centurion’s testament an earth-shattering revelation that will rewrite history, or just a clever hoax? Why do the Mormons seem so interested? Strangers appear in town, determined to wrest the document from its discoverers or destroy it! Can Gray and his friends solve the mystery of the centurion’s testament before it’s too late?


Obadiah Gray and the Witch of Half-Moon Swamp (2010)

A Medical Mystery on the American Frontier!

On a pleasant summer’s day in 1853, Dr. Obadiah Gray and his wife Annabelle travel from their home in Burlington, Iowa, to visit their good friend, Dr. Edwin James. From him, they learn that the people around Augusta and the Skunk River lately have begun to suffer a host of inexplicable ills: gut-wrenching pains, crawling skin, dry gangrene, violent convulsions, bizarre hallucinations, miscarriages, and even death! When medical science proves powerless to arrest these plagues, the terrified populace becomes convinced that they are the victims of supernatural malevolence, that they’ve been hexed by an evil witch in league with the devil! And they know just who the witch must be: Agatha Sourwine! The old recluse has lived in that lonely cabin down in Half-Moon Swamp for as long as anyone can remember. She’s always prowling the woods with her black cat Piestangel, digging up strange roots and herbs for her potions! Clearly she is the witch who is hexing them all! Will Gray and company be able to find the real cause of these devastating plagues in time to save Agatha Sourwine from the vengeful mob? Can they prove the superiority of science, reason, and logic over ignorance, fear, and superstition?


Obadiah Gray and the Beast of Stony Hollow (2011)

A Tale of Terror and Suspense on the American Frontier!

Stony Hollow.  A deep dark forested cleft in the craggy bluffs north of Burlington, Iowa.   On a summer's day in 1853, Dr. Obadiah Gray and his wife Annabelle come here, seeking rare plants to collect for their herbarium.  But what they find instead is mystery, terror, and death!  Each night, a malevolent presence stalks the countryside surrounding Stony Hollow, striking fear in every heart!  In its wake are found the gruesome remains of the unfortunate souls who cross its deadly path!   Is it a vicious bloodthirsty beast?  Or something far more horrifying?  Perhaps something … human?


Obadiah Gray and the Search for the Elusive Eponym (2011)

A Tale of Romance and Botanical Whimsy on the American Frontier!

Amateur botanist Dr. Obadiah Gray of Burlington, Iowa, feels an enormous debt of gratitude to his wife Annabelle.  His constant companion through many harrowing adventures, she has saved his life more than once.  With their first child on the way, Gray wishes more than anything to discover a new species of plant that he can name in Annabelle’s honor.  And living on the wild frontier of 1854 Iowa, he knows that there should be all sorts of lovely blooms awaiting recognition and christening.   But then why do events seem to conspire to prevent him from immortalizing his darling wife?  Will Annabelle ever have her eponym?

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