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Mike Louison at spring near Emmons Creek

Mike Louison at spring near Emmons Creek

2_Strauss and Drover with sand core 2008.JPG
Dr. Eric Strauss and Damion Drover collecting a sediment core from Emmons Creek.

3_Sam Mand_Mike Fitzgerald_Damion Drover 2007.JPG
Sam Mand, Damion Drover, and Mike Fitzgerald sampling groundwater from Emmons Creek.

4_Brandon with pump Deans Lake Outflow Br release 2008c.JPG
Brandon Joachim during a bromide injection at Deans Lake Outflow.

5_Moe Muldoon and Mike Fitzgerald Radley Creek 080106.JPG
Dr. Maureen Muldoon and Mike Fitzgerald developing a riparian well at Radley Creek.

6_Sue Eggert Core Sampler Radley Cr 080206.JPG
Dr. Sue Eggert sampling benthic invertebrates from Radley Creek.

7_Heather Oxley Radley Well Install II 080106.JPG

Heather Oxley installing a riparian well at Radley Creek.

8_Shupryt Emmons water sample Upstream III Fall 2006.JPG

Mike Shupryt collecting a water sample from Emmons Creek.

9_Tim Anderson Emmons Upstream Station July 2007.JPG

Tim Anderson with an Isco sampler at Emmons Creek.

10_Tara and flumes 071404.JPG
Tara Kent and stream flumes at Emmons Creek Research Station.

11 GeneScott lakefly sampling 2005.jpg

Dr. Gene Drecktrah and Scott Koenke sampling chironomids in Lake Winnebago.

12_Ron Bruch & sturgeon 2006.JPG

Dr. Ron Bruch describing sturgeon biology at a lake sturgeon registration station.

13_Ryan Koenigs with walleye.JPG

Ryan Koenigs with his favorite research subject.

14_Brandon_Bob Lab 2008 II.jpg

Dr. Bob Stelzer and Brandon Joachim working on their nitrate toxicity experiment.

14.5_ Ashley and giant white pine Hurons 2006.JPG

Dr. Ashley Moerke and giant white pine in the Huron Mountains.

15_Field Ecology LW 2005.jpg

Field Ecology students in Lake Winnebago.

16_Field Ecology Pine River 2005.JPG

Field Ecology students at the Pine River.

17_TEACH Shup & metab chambers.JPG

Mike Shuprt measuring biofilm metabolism.

18_TEACH Bio 104 students WCFP II sp2005.JPG

Bio 104 students at Waukau Creek Forest Preserve.

19_down Hardangervidda 2004.JPG

Woodstoich participants on a glacier in Norway.

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