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A Partnership in Renewable Energy, Sustainability

See this video to learn how the Rosendale Dairy biogas system prepares UW Oshkosh students, farmers, and the State of Wisconsin for the future:

Rosendale Dairy Biodigester: A partnership in renewable energy, sustainability

To find out more about the partnership between UW Oshkosh and Rosendale Dairy, click here.

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Past Articles

B’gosh, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh seeks global leadership in biodigester tech

Ag Annex-Tony Kryzanowski | Sep 2014

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is best known for the clothing line, Oshkosh B’gosh, but the Oshkosh campus of the University of Wisconsin is hoping that it will also become known as a global leader in biodigester technology within the agricultural world. Read more...

Extra credit

Renewable Energy from Waste - August 7, 2014

Providing heat to a campus building is the next project phase for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester.  Click to read full article.

Feedstock Seasonality Impact on Biogas Production

BioCycle Magazine - 2/2014

First graduate student to work on-site at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh dry fermentation digester describes feedstock variations and biogas production trends.

Brooke Koenig
BioCycle February 2014, Vol. 55, No. 2, p. 43

Wisconsin's largest dairy opens anaerobic digester

Renewable Energy from Waste (REW) - January 17, 2014

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for Rosendale Dairy’s new 1.4 megawatt biodigester on Dec. 11, 2013 attracted 100 visitors. The project included the installation of two complete-mix Coccus anaerobic digestion tanks from Madison, Wis.-based BIOFerm Energy Systems as well as the construction of a hands-on learning laboratory. Read more...

Ribbon cutting for biodigester

Fox 11 - 12/11/2013

PICKETT - UW-Oshkosh's third biodigester to create green energy is now officially open.  The school cut the ribbon on the new $7 million plant at the Rosendale Dairy Wednesday afternoon in Pickett. The biodigester will take in manure from the dairy cows, convert the methane gas into energy and then leave behind fertilizer the dairy can then sell to other farms. The biodigester is expected to create enough electricity to power about 1,200 homes. “It's kind of a win-win, society gets green energy, the university gets a platform to train students and the farm gets more available nutrients for local crop farmers,” said Jim Ostrom with Rosendale Dairy. The project is funded in partnership between the UW-Oshkosh Foundation, Milk Source, Alliant Energy and several other entities.

Ribbon cutting at UWO's third innovative biodigester scheduled for Dec. 11

UW Oshkosh Today - 12/06/2013

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and partners will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at the site of the University’s third biodigester project on Dec. 11. The UW Oshkosh biodigester, which is located at Rosendale Dairy, Wisconsin’s largest dairy farm, has been under construction since July and will begin producing energy before the end of 2013. The facility will serve as both a renewable waste-to-energy plant and a learning and research lab that will prepare new waves of environmental and renewable energy scientists for the workforce while sustaining Wisconsin’s dairy farming legacy. Read more...

Dairy, UWO launch waste to power project

The Northwestern - 7/09/2013

A multi-million dollar project at the state’s largest dairy farm will not only produce green energy, it will also serve as a learning laboratory that will be able to help educate the state’s current and future farmers. Ground was broken Tuesday on the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh’s newest biodigester, a biogas plant that will include a public education center at a town of Rosendale farm south of Pickett.  See video here.

UW-Oshkosh building new bio digester

WFRV - 7/09/2013

Ground has been broken on a renewable energy plant in Pickett. The facility will be used as a living classroom by students from UW-Oshkosh. It will take manure from the Rosendale dairy,  where it's located and convert it into electricity. It will go online in December and generate enough wattage to power 1,200 homes. The dairy is the largest in the state, with 9,000 cows. This is the third digester built in partnership with UW-Oshkosh. Through projects like this, the university hopes to have a neutral carbon footprint by 2025. See video here.

UWO, partners break ground on biodigester at state's largest dairy farm

UW Oshkosh Today - 7/09/2013

It will serve as both a renewable energy plant and a learning and research laboratory. It promises a more sustainable future for the state’s evolving dairy industry. And it will prepare new waves of environmental and renewable energy scientists for the workforce, students who hail from the kinds of small, rural Wisconsin communities where similar technology can help responsible farming prosper for generations to come. Read more...

UWO Biodigester team studying new bioplastics' potential

UW Oshkosh Today - 1/09/2013

It’s an exciting, potentially revolutionary future involving “bio-based plastics,” or “bioplastics.” And it is not so far from reality. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is turning to its student and faculty scientists to determine just how possible it is. Read more...

Oshkosh Students "Feed the Beast"

Wisconsin Public Radio News - 9/13/2012

UW Oshkosh is producing energy from food students would otherwise throw away in the cafeteria. The school is now looking for more waste from the wider community. The project is also giving students training in what could become a part of the "green economy.”  Read more...

Can't clean your plate? No problem: UWO, Sanimax help community feed the Biodigester

UW Oshkosh Today - 9/10/2012

There’s a new opportunity for regional businesses, schools, nonprofits and other organizations to help produce renewable energy at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s groundbreaking “Biodigester” facility. Read more...

Biodigester: An Economic and Community Impact Initiative at UW Oshkosh

Campus Compact Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2012

Wisconsin's largest dairy farm will soon be home to one of the state's most dynamic research, renewable energy production, and public education facilities as part of an initiative involving University of Wisconsin (UW) Oshkosh's College of Letters and Science and the UW Oshkosh Foundation.  They have undertaken an innovative partnership with Milksource's 9,000-cow Rosendale Dairy and the German-based Viessmann Group and its subsidiary BIOFerm Energy Systems of Madison. Together, they will soon build a large, wet anaerobic biodigester/biogas production facility. Read more...

Biodigester Update: Metal doors added to chambers

UW Oshkosh Today - 2/14/2011

Since the groundbreaking for the nation’s first commercial-scale dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh on Sept. 15, 2010, Boldt Construction and BIOFerm Energy Systems have been hard at work constructing the building through winter’s rain, sleet and snow. Read more...


Groundbreaking for nation's first dry anaerobic biodigester

UW Oshkosh Today - 9/15/2010

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh administrators, staff, students, faculty and friends as well as representatives of BIOFerm Energy Systems and Boldt Construction gather for a groundbreaking ceremony for the nation’s first commercial-scale dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester Sept. 15.

Groundbreaking for nation’s first dry anaerobic biodigester Sept. 15

UW Oshkosh Today - 9/10/2010

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh will be one step closer to going off the grid following a groundbreaking ceremony for the nation’s first commercial-scale dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester on Sept. 15 at 755 Dempsey Trail, adjacent to the Campus Services Center. Read more...

Powering the Future

Today's TMJ4

Your trash and yard waste could be someone else's electricity for the year. We checked out new technology that will be used to help power the future. It's called an anaerobic biodigester. And UW-Oshkosh is building the first one in the United States. Read more...

Generating power from food

UW-Oshkosh to have first dry biodigester in U.S.

Insight Magazine - April 2010

By this fall, the University of  Wisconsin-Oshkosh will be turning food and yard waste into energy in the nation’s first-of-its-kind biodigester. UW-Oshkosh is working with BIOFerm Energy Systems of Germany to build a dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester in a new building located on Dempsey Trail, adjacent to the Witzel Avenue Campus Service Center. Read more...

UWO to develop first-of-its-kind biodigester in U.S.

Oshkosh Northwestern - 3/4/2010

The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh plans to turn grass clippings and food scraps into heat and electricity in a new plant they say will be the first of its kind in the United States. The dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester will be built this spring on Dempsey Trail, behind the university’s Campus Service Center. Read more...

On Campus: UW-Oshkosh to power campus by turning food into fuel

Wisconsin State Journal - 2/24/2010

On the UW-Oshkosh campus, cafeteria leftovers could soon be used to power the college's heat and
electricity. The university says its planned dry fermentation anaerobic biodigester will be the first of its kind in
the nation, converting campus and community yard and food waste into fuel. Read more...

UWO to construct nation’s first-of-its-kind biodigester

UW Oshkosh Today 2/24/2010

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has received approval from the Oshkosh Common Council to build the first dry fermentation anaerobic biodigesters in the nation, which will convert yard and food waste into fuel. The project will be partially funded with a grant of $232,587 from Wisconsin Focus on Energy and a $500,000 grant from the federal government. Read more...

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