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A Partnership in Renewable Energy, Sustainability

See this video to learn how the Rosendale Dairy biogas system prepares UW Oshkosh students, farmers, and the State of Wisconsin for the future:

Rosendale Dairy Biodigester: A partnership in renewable energy, sustainability

To find out more about the partnership between UW Oshkosh and Rosendale Dairy, click here.

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UW Oshkosh Foundation, Rosendale Biogas System

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Owner: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation

Developer: BIOFerm (TM) Energy Systems

Contact: Greg Kleinheinz


The Rosendale Dairy Biogas System project utilizes manure from Wisconsin's largest dairy (8,500 head) to generate renewable biogas.

The innovative collaboration between the dairy and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh also leads the way in education and training. The onsite learning facility will be the first in the U.S. designed as a teaching center for the development of technicians, scientists and engineers for the biogas and renewable energy industry.

It will also serve as a future animal husbandry learning site to feed an expanding population.

The relationship between the University of Oshkosh Foundation and MilkSource’s Rosendale Dairy represents an ideal partnership for both parties.



Organizations involved: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh*, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation*, MilkSource, BIOFerm (TM) Energy Systems and Viessmann Group*

Inputs and Outputs

Biogas Production: The biogas system has a biogas production capacity of 200,000,000–250,000,000 scf/year at 55 percent CH4 content with 100 percent of the biogas used for energy generation.
Feedstock(s): Dairy manure
End Use: Electricity and thermal (from CHP)
Additional Byproduct(s): Liquid fertilizer and pelletized fertilizer are additional byproducts of the biogas system.


Finances, Beneficiaries and Expansion

Project Financing: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation
Customer: The energy is bought by the utility
Environmental and economic beneficiary: The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is receiving environmental benefits of carbon offset through the sale of biogas back to the grid. MilkSource, owner of Rosendale Dairy, is also receiving the environmental benefit of dairy odor reduction.
Long term plans: Plans for the biogas system site include the establishment of a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh student/faculty operated public education center. The center will focus on the education of K–12 students,  and as a learning laboratory for UW Oshkosh students. Environmental science and engineering residents involved in producing renewable energy and management of state-of-the-art dairy operations will also have access to the public center.
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