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A Partnership in Renewable Energy, Sustainability

See this video to learn how the Rosendale Dairy biogas system prepares UW Oshkosh students, farmers, and the State of Wisconsin for the future:

Rosendale Dairy Biodigester: A partnership in renewable energy, sustainability

To find out more about the partnership between UW Oshkosh and Rosendale Dairy, click here.

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What You Should Know

UW Oshkosh students gain hands-on experience at the biodigestersUW Oshkosh worked with BIOFerm Energy Systems, a subsidiary of Viessmann Corporation of Allendorf, Germany, where this technology is in full operation at several sites.

The majority of the input is provided by campus and local community sources with the remainder supplied from additional area partners.

Students gain hands-on experience working with the biogas systems.





Learn more about our biogas systems:

UW Oshkosh Urban Anaerobic Dry Biogas System (BD1)

The renewable energy facility is producing approximately 8 percent of the University's electrical needs and is converting 10,000 tons of yard and food waste per year to produce up to 3,300 MegaWatts of electrical energy per year. Learn more about BD1.


Allen Farms Biogas System

It is an innovative, scaled technology involving wet digestion and a 64kW engine using plug flow system technology. Learn more about Titan 64.


Rosendale Dairy Biogas System

The innovative collaboration between the dairy and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh also leads the way in education and training. Learn more about the Rosendale Biogas System.

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