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Week 7 Washebek

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This is week 7 journal entry from Carly Washebek who is a student reporter for the War: Through Their Eyes, Vol. 3, Warriors & Students multimedia project.
Week 7 Washebek

Photo Courtesy of Kat McCard

Sunday evening creeped up on me too fast.  Grace wants a rough draft of our article by Wednesday, so that means I have a LOT to do.  I just read both of the articles from the New York Times: Still Bleeding, 10 Years Later and The End of War Stories.  Grace wanted us to read them because it relates to what we’re working on, but they’re written in first person instead of third person.

I think I am going to write my article more in a style of the second article.  It was easier to read and had more flow.  I like how Friedman’s story has a sense of achievement to it because he takes the readers through his journey of how he acted when he came home to now the man he has become after years of returning.  

The first article, Still Bleeding, 10 Years Later, was written by Jason Davis.  I really like the style of this lead.  It really grabbed my attention with the precise details.  The article continues packed full of details by using the exact date that events took place.  I like this because it shows how impactful this experience was to Davis because he remembers the exact date for everything.  

The second article, The End of War Stories, was written by Brandon Friedman.  I liked the overall style of this article a lot more than the first one because its not a typical story of events that took place while Friedman was deployed.  Instead, it starts with him saying he never tells war stories anymore.  “It’s robotic, sterile, almost as if I’m telling someone else’s tale instead of my own.”  I really enjoy the choppy writing style Friedman brings to this article.  It gives the reading a vibe like this was my life, and now its over.  This is what happened, and now its done.  




Carly Washebek Weekly Journal

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