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Week 5 Ligocki

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This is Week 5 journal entry from Lori Ligocki, who is a student reporter for the War: Through Their Eyes, Vol. 3, Warriors & Students multimedia project.
Week 5 Ligocki

Myles discussing his late friend

"Difficult to push for more"

During a follow up interview with Myles, I asked him to expand on what he knew about his uncle’s tour in Vietnam and what he knew about his friend who was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Myles is friendly guy, has a great sense of humor and is genuinely easy to talk to. He usually is an open person, at least when it comes to surface level things. When discussing certain topics, such as his duties or logistical things, he openly describes his experiences in great detail. But when these harder topics were brought up, he becomes much more reserved.

I noticed that there was a hint of sadness in his eyes when he talked about his uncle and his friend. When talking about his uncle, he kept reiterating that his time in Vietnam is ‘not something he likes to talk about.’ I don’t know if he became melancholy because he wishes his uncle would be able to share his experiences with him more, so he could relate and feel a sense of commonality. It could have also been because he understands that there are just some things veterans don’t want to talk about and don’t want to remember.

For Myles, his would be the memory of his friend passing away. He became uncomfortable almost immediately when he was brought up, especially when I asked him how it felt to see his casket being carried onto a plane. He didn’t make as much eye contact during this segment and kept fidgeting with his nails.

I found it perplexing that when he spoke about his ordeal of being in an IED explosion, he rambled, giving me a step by step process of what that was like. But when he discusses things that happened to others, especially injury or death, he nearly shuts down.

I could tell right away that he didn’t want to go into as much detail as he did his other stories, and I understood why, so I found it difficult push for more.


Lori Ligocki Weekly Journal

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