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Week 3 Linn

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This is Week 3 journal entry from Molly Linn, who is a student reporter for the War: Through Their Eyes, Vol. 3, Warriors & Students multimedia project.

Warren and I went to the photo studio today to take pictures. The first time I told him about taking pictures, I didn’thave to ask him to bring his own photos: he offered.

I met him in the basement of Polk to meet with Shawn McAfee, the art director for this project. Shawn said some of the veterans have a hard time being serious during photo shoots, but Warren was pretty good about it. I made sure that Shawn took a few pictures.

After taking pictures, Carly and her soldier were next in line. Warren and Carly’s soldier began talking and poking fun at each other’s choice of military branch (she was in the Navy, I think). After a few minutes, though, Warren stopped, looked at me, and asked if we should go to look through his pictures. The reminded me of the first time I met him, when he didn’t waste any time asking if I was the girl he was meeting. We went into the next room and he began with the photos on his flash drive. He explained that some of the pictures were taken by reporters that were implanted within their unit. He explained each one: there were group shots, pictures of the city center he told me about, even picture of him getting sea sick during their third deployment. One picture stood out to me the most: it was he and his friend, Justin Toren. He said it was after they got done clearing the Old City (which I took to mean Najaf); theyLinn Journal 3 were both still in full uniform. It was taken from behind. They were walking away from the photographer, each with his arm around the other. When I told him I liked that one, he agreed. Justin has it framed at his house still today.


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