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Week 1 Federspiel

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This is Week 1 journal entry from Isaac Federspiel, who is a student reporter for the War: Through Their Eyes, Vol. 3, Warriors & Students multimedia project.
Week 1 Federspiel

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This is actually the second time I have taken this class. I took it last year as well, but it was very different. We only met once a week, our assignments weren’t as planned out and there were two projects instead of one. Along with the Warriors and Nurses project was a magazine on UWO’s faculty. Splitting time, attention and students between the projects was pretty taxing.

I helped out with both projects where I could, but I never got to write a feature due to my soldier dropping out of the project and not responding to emails. It was really unfortunate, and I felt like I was missing out on a great opportunity. That is, until this class was announced. I took Grace’s class again because I wanted this second opportunity to contribute and learn.

I don’t know a whole lot about the wars in the Middle East, I’m more interested in history after it’s been history for a while, but I do have some knowledge – basically whatever I picked up on from the first two WAR projects, and reading news stories. I’m looking forward to learning more through interviewing my soldier and hearing his stories.

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