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  • Dr. Andy Robson

    Dr. Andy Robson

    UW Oshkosh’s endorsement of the Earth Charter document started in 2001 with a mysterious phone call to Dr. Andy Robson, a professor of English at the University.

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  • Michael David

    Michael David

    As a child, Michael David loved unraveling word problems. Recently, what began as a childhood hobby has turned into an outright fixation of crossword puzzles.

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  • From Pupil to Published

    From Pupil to Published

    Not many people can say they have published a book by the age of 21. UW Oshkosh student Sonja Funnell, however, can say she has three under her belt.

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  • 9/11 Remembrance Concert

    9/11 Remembrance Concert

    Patriotic songs and the American flag filled the air at the 9/11 Remembrance Concert. Led by music director and conductor Andre Gaskins, also the director of Orchestral Activities and Cello at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, the concert attracted thousands to the Leach Amphitheater.

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  • Andre Gaskins: Maestro & Musician

    Andre Gaskins: Maestro & Musician

    The only son of a insurance salesman and a Japanese language translator, Gaskins' father told his mother while they were dating that they'd have three children and that they'd all be musicians.

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  • The Berlin Wall & Beyond

    The Berlin Wall & Beyond

    To commemorate the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, several members of the UW Oshkosh faculty organized a series of presentations and exhibitions to explore the impact of the Wall and new world order that was ushered in when it fell.

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  • James Krueger: "Missing Voices"

    James Krueger: "Missing Voices"

    Dr. James Krueger kicks off the 2011 Dean's Symposium series for the College of Letters and Science. His presentation is titled “Missing Voices: Understanding Group Identity and War Attitudes Among Service-Connected Civilians."

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  • Life on the Run

    Life on the Run

    After three decades each of service to UW Oshkosh that included leading various Titans national titles, the married coaching couple Deb Vercauteren and John Zupanc has called it a career. wo of the pillars of the UW Oshkosh athletic department donned their running shoes and jogged off together into the proverbial sunset.

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  • Trent Hilborn and Mark Mazur

    Trent Hilborn and Mark Mazur

    UW Oshkosh film students Mark Mazur and Trent Hilborn are no strangers to film making. Their third short film, CYCLE, showcases a culmination of their many talents.

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  • Bridget Isnardi

    Bridget Isnardi

    As the first UW Oshkosh student to be named to the National Debate Scholars Team in 2010, communications major Bridget Isnardi is on track to two-peat.

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  • Drs. Jae Lee and Ju Youn Bae

    Drs. Jae Lee and Ju Youn Bae

    A husband-and-wife teaching duo is demystifying the world of mathematics for local students.

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  • Dr. Thomas Lammers

    Dr. Thomas Lammers

    As curator of the Neil A. Harriman Herbarium at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Dr. Thomas G. Lammers keeps current by reading an array of botany journals. However, one recent article in the Harvard Papers in Botany caught his eye.

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  • Time for Change

    Time for Change

    Mary Anne DeZur and her son Lou, who has juvenile diabetes, invented Time for Change, a device that could help make lives easier for people with diabetes. DeZur is the Office Manager of Facilities Management at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

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  • Marty Robinson

    Marty Robinson

    Every once in a while Marty Robinson is struck by a piece of music. The music may come from a snippet from a radio commercial or a theme song to a TV show. Then Robinson remembers why the tune gives him pause - he had composed it.

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  • Ryan Steiskal

    Ryan Steiskal

    University of Wisconsin Oshkosh senior Ryan Steiskal created artwork of dinosaurs that had been unseen to science - until now.

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  • Carmen Heider "From Campus to Prison"

    Carmen Heider "From Campus to Prison"

    What is it like to teach behind prison walls? Dr. Carmen Heider of the Department of Communication shares her experience at Taycheedah Correctional Institution.

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  • Kevin Rau Designer and Musician

    Kevin Rau Designer and Musician

    To his art students at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Kevin Rau may look like the mild-mannered graphic design instructor, but under that academic veneer beats the heart of a rock ‘n’ rolling musician.

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  • Kyle Moerchen, Peter Herr and The Work of George Edwin Bergstrom

    Kyle Moerchen, Peter Herr and The Work of George Edwin Bergstrom

    University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students Kyle Moerchen and Peter Herr contributed to a public exhibit about one of the Fox Valley’s most successful figures.

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  • Dr. Jennifer Szydlik

    Dr. Jennifer Szydlik

    Each year, the UW Board of Regents recognizes two faculty and academic staff members from the 26 UW System institutions. In 2010, they tapped Dr. Szydlik as a Regents Teaching Excellence Award winner.

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  • The Play's the Thing

    The Play's the Thing

    In a rapidly evolving world where entertainment can be found on a cell phone screen, Richard Kalinoski still sees the stage as a significant and viable medium.

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  • John Koker

    John Koker

    Growing up in Kenosha, Wis., John Koker had no idea what he wanted to do when he grew up, but he did know one thing: he didn't want to teach.

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  • H1N1/Swine Flu

    H1N1/Swine Flu

    Dr. Teri Shors is an associate professor with the Department of Biology and Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and is a leading virologist and the author of Understanding Viruses.

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  • The Power of Transformative Teaching

    The Power of Transformative Teaching

    Dr. Lori Carrell’s commitment to inspire positive transformation has fueled more than twenty-five years of teaching, speaking and communication consulting.

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  • Dr. Eli Kalman

    Dr. Eli Kalman

    For five weeks at 9,300 feet above sea level, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Professor Dr. Eli Kalman blended his passion of teaching and music with the rustic life at Rocky Ridge Music Camp, which is situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

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