Spring 2011 Photo Album

1st BAP club meeting with Becker.

View from the front during intros.

Club members invited to join BAP!

Ashley and Jess before the 1st meeting.

Spring 2011 BAP Club Officers.

Gathering at the Polar Plunge.

Ready.... set... GO!!

Dave Fochs with Baytek Games.

BAP Pre-Meeting Socializing.

Oshkosh Corp Pre-Meeting Mingling.

Rick Panske of Oshkosh Corp.

Oshkosh Corp Guest Panel.

Pizza again? NO WAY! Sundae Bar!!

Pre-Baker Tilly Meeting.

BAP Conference time...

BAP Group going to Indy BAP Conf.

View of Indianapolis.

At the Conference.

We're gonna FIFO the right to party!

Because we're the LIFO the party!!!

Post conference BAP bonding.

Waiting at Wipfli.

Our Wipfli hosts.

Outside T-Rats Stadium

Hanging out at T-Rat Stadium

Enjoying food with Wipfli.

BP dress for CMA night.

CMA night at LaSure's hall.

Different angle of CMA night.

Our CMA night speaker from Thrivent.

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