Section I - Name and Sponsorship

The group of students making up this organization shall be officially known as the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi (Hereinafter referred to as "UW Oshkosh BAP").

  1. Appropriate recognition of sponsorship, whether verbal or written, shall be done solely at the discretion of the current Executive Board (as established in Section VI), and shall not be dictated by current or future sponsors, regardless of the manner, amount, or type of sponsorship provided.

Section II - Constitution

Any bylaw, or future amendment to the bylaws, shall be consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws governing the national and professional accounting fraternity known as Beta Alpha Psi.

  1. In any and all instances in which a conflict arises between the National Constitution and these bylaws or future amendment to such bylaws, the National Constitution and Bylaws shall supersede the bylaw in question.
  2. If at any time a member of the UW Oshkosh BAP believes a new or existing bylaw to be in conflict with the best interest of the organization, he or she may petition to have the said bylaw amended or stricken by following the procedure enumerated in Section VIII.

Section III - Objectives of the Student Chapter

The Objectives of the UW Oshkosh BAP shall be as follows:

  1. To further the purpose and objectives of the Beta Alpha Psi fraternity.
  2. To promote and facilitate cooperation and communication between student members and accounting professionals in the area.
  3. To conduct, sponsor, and participate in such activities as it deems necessary or desirable in accomplishing the foregoing purposes of the organization.
  4. To sustain its membership annually by organizing and conducting an annual membership campaign.
  5. To provide ample opportunity for members to develop leadership skills by participating in the planning and execution of its activities.
  6. No part of this student chapter shall consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, or of participating in or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

Section IV - Membership

The membership of the UW Oshkosh BAP shall be selected from accounting majors at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh who wish to become a member, and pledge to take part in chapter activities that help to accomplish the objectives of the organization.

  1. All members must maintain at least part time status as determined by the policies of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.
  2. Membership in the fraternity shall be limited to those persons of good moral character who have achieved scholastic and/or professional excellence in the field of accounting, who have been initiated, and who are in good standing.
  3. Eligibility for membership shall be determined by the criteria set forth in Article IV of the National Bylaws.
  1. In addition to the criteria set forth in Article IV of the National Bylaws, the UW Oshkosh BAP shall require all pledges to take an active role in Beta Alpha Psi activities for one semester prior to being initiated.
    1. The UW Oshkosh BAP reserves the right under Section 5 of Article IV of the National Bylaws to restrict membership to those students who meet or exceed a predetermined level of participation as set by the UW Oshkosh BAP Executive Board.

Section V - Initiation Ceremony

An Initiation Ceremony shall take place at least one time each academic year, and shall follow the initiation ritual as set forth by the National Chapter.

  1. Initiation in absentia will not be permitted under any circumstances.
  2. Initiation shall take place at one of the scheduled formal meetings.

Section VI - Officers

The Officers of the UW Oshkosh BAP shall make up the Executive Board for the organization, which is the designated rule making body for the organization.

Election Rules

  1. The officers shall be elected by popular vote of the members in good standing of the UW Oshkosh BAP.

1) Elected offices should include, but are not limited to:

    1. President
    2. Reporter
    3. Treasurer
    4. Database Coordinator

2) Any UW Oshkosh BAP member in good standing may run for an office.

3) Absentee voting is allowed for all regular and special elections.

4) Voting by proxy shall not be allowed under any circumstances.

  1. The above list represents the established hierarchy of power to be followed in the event of absence of an elected official.
  1. Any vacancy created by resignation, expulsion, or other removal from office shall be filled by an interim appointment made by the President and approved by a 50% majority of the remaining officers.
    1. In the event of resignation, expulsion, or other removal of the President, the Reporter shall assume the duties of the President, and shall be responsible for the appointment of a new Reporter, to be approved by a 50% majority of the remaining officers at a special election meeting.
    1. All UW Oshkosh BAP members shall be personally notified of any special election at least ten business days prior to the day of the election.
    2. Special elections must be scheduled on a day in which the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is in session.

C. Any UW Oshkosh BAP member may request the removal of an officer, and thus allow the President to appoint an interim officer in their place provided he or she does the following:

  1. Obtain 50% of the signatures of current the UW Oshkosh BAP members in good standing on a petition to remove the said person from office, and
  2. Obtain a two-thirds majority of all elected officers in favor of removal
    1. The officer in question is allowed to vote on his/her behalf.
    2. One petition can be used to request the removal of no more than one officer.
    3. The petition cannot include requests for anything other than the removal of the stated officer.
    4. The most current list of all UW Oshkosh BAP members shall be provided in its entirety (meant to include a full name and phone number, but not an address) to any member wishing to view it.
  1. Any officer will be automatically removed from office and replaced by an interim appointment made by the President (subject to approval by 50% of the remaining officers) if the officer fails to enroll at least part time before the first day of classes at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.
  1. An appeal for reinstatement can be made to the UW Oshkosh BAP Executive Board by the removed officer if he or she has proof of proper enrollment status.
    1. A two-thirds majority vote by all elected officers is necessary for reinstatement.
    2. The officer in question may vote on his or her behalf.


  1. The Executive Board shall meet one time each month at a minimum, summer months excluded.
  2. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the management of the UW Oshkosh BAP, including planning, coordinating, and conducting its operations and activities, reviewing and taking action on recommendations submitted, and any other business pertaining to the UW Oshkosh BAP.
  3. Each office enumerated in Section VI A.1) shall assume duties promulgated by the current President and past officers of that specific office. This list of duties shall be updated each semester to reflect changes in the organization and the office.
  1. It is the responsibility of each officer to make sure his/her predecessor transmits an updated list of the duties he/she is responsible for during the term in office.
  1. The offices enumerated in Section VI A.1) shall have a term length of 6 months; either January 1 through June 30 or July 1 through December 31.


Section VII - Finances

The financial affairs of the UW Oshkosh BAP shall be conducted by its Executive Board in a manner agreed upon by the Board in consultation with the Faculty Advisor.

  1. Funds for the treasury may be enhanced by contributions from any person or business wishing to sponsor a specific activity, or by money-raising activities approved by the UW Oshkosh BAP Executive Board.
  2. The UW Oshkosh BAP shall have a fiscal year ending April 30.
  3. All other financial matters shall be governed by the rules set forth in Article XIV and Article XVI of the National Chapter Bylaws.

Section VIII - Amendments to the Bylaws

If at any time in the future the need arises, an amendment to the bylaws can be accomplished as follows:

  1. Any UW Oshkosh BAP member can present the Executive Board with the proposed amendment.
  2. The Board can initially approve the amendment through a two-thirds majority.
  3. Upon approval, the amendment shall be voted on by all UW Oshkosh BAP members in good standing at the next official meeting in which a quorum (50% or more of the elected officers) is achieved.
  1. A special meeting may be called to vote on an amendment if every member is notified at least 10 business days in advance of the meeting.
  2. A vote of greater than two thirds of the members in attendance in favor constitutes acceptance of the proposal as an official bylaw.
  1. In the case that a two-thirds majority is not achieved when the amendment is proposed to the Board, the member proposing the change can directly petition the UW Oshkosh BAP members in good standing.
  1. A 75% majority of all student membersí signatures is required on a petition stating that they are in favor of the amendment.
  2. At this point the amendment shall revert to the rules enumerated in Section VIII C. for final debate and approval.
  1. Amendments to the bylaws that become official should be signed and dated by the President, and added sequentially to the original bylaws.

Section IX - Revocation of Charter

The National Board may place this chapter on probation for failure to comply with the National Constitution and Bylaws. To avoid revocation of the chapter charter, the UW Oshkosh BAP shall comply with the conditions set forth in Article XIX of the National Bylaws.

Section X - Authority

These Bylaws shall be the principal governing document of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi.

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