Updates on Assessment Plans

The Faculty Senate Committee on Assessment of Student Learning asks department chairs, team leaders and program directors whose assessment plans have been approved to send us updates every two years.  The information is used to prepare an annual "State of Assessment" report for the university community.   It also provided crucial information for the university's 2007 accreditation by North Central Association/ Higher Learning Commission.  The NCA is most interested in examples of how measurement of student learning has led to improvement in curriculum and instructional methods.

Programs that reported in 2007 do not need to send an update until June 2009.  If you are not sure when your last report was submitted, check the status grids on the FSCASL website http://www.uwosh.edu/assessment/

We are also requesting information on assessment in general education courses. A model for development of an assessment plan for a general education course may be found at 104goals.html

Questions about program assessment:

1) What changes have been made to your program's assessment plan?
Many plans need to be modified after they have been tried.
Have any measures or tools been refined, added or eliminated?  Why?

2) What components of the plan have been implemented in the past two years?
Not every measure will be used each year.

3) Have assessment data been used to modify the program?
Perhaps feedback was given to students, or plans were made in response to data.
If  curriculum changes were made, please describe them.

4)  If a curriculum change has been made in response to data, have you been able to determine whether the change made a difference in student learning?

Questions about general education assessment:

1)  The committee requests that departments identify which of the University’s broad goals are covered in their general education courses, then develop specific objectives for student learning to be assessed for each goal.
    _____ My department submitted this list last semester.
    _____ The list is attached to this report.
    _____ We’re still working on this.

2)  For each general education course, instructors will identify assignments or other assessment tools relating to each objective.
    I am attaching assignment lists for the following courses: 
3) Have data been collected in any of the classes?  _____
If so, list the course numbers and the assessment methods that were used.

4) Have any curriculum changes been made as a result of the assessment process?

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Last updated: May 19, 2008