State of Assessment Report                            May 30, 2007

During 2006-2007, eight members from the faculty, one from the academic staff, a student representative of OSA, and an administration liaison, met monthly during the academic year. Committee member, Jennifer Mihalick, maintained a website <> with committee information, examples of assessment plans, and spreadsheets that track assessment in university departments.  With the departure of Mihalick from the committee, the site will be maintained in the future by Marleen Flack, recording secretary, Provost’s Office.

 A major accomplishment for the committee during the past year has been working with various members of the campus community, especially Assistant Vice Chancellor for Curricular Affairs, Michelina Manzi, in preparation for the NCA/Higher Learning Commission accreditation visit.  The committee helped in the preparation of the section of the UW Oshkosh self-study pertaining to assessment of student learning.  Committee members, Mihalick and Manzi, met with members of the visiting accreditation team to discuss the state of assessment here. The committee looks forward to receiving the results of the NCA/Higher Learning Commission’s visit, and working on incorporating any suggestions it contains regarding assessment.

In addition, the committee scheduled a workshop for Thursday, May 17, from 11:00 a.m. -1:30 p.m. Several department representatives received assistance with revising their plans.

Status of Program Assessments

Once an assessment plan is approved, departments are asked to report to the FSCASL once every two years. In an effort to minimize duplication of effort and streamline the process, the committee has contacted programs that are scheduled for program review in order to offer advice guidance in matters related to assessment.  Most programs have approved assessment plans, and several departments have revised their plans to improve data collection. Most departments have collected and evaluated assessment data; many have used the data to revise their curriculum and some have been able to collect enough data after a revision to judge the impact of the curriculum change on student learning.  Grids showing the status of each program appear on the assessment website, and are attached to this report.

Grids Showing Status of Assessment Plans:

College of Business Administration
College of Education and Human Services
College of Letters and Science
College of Nursing

Status of General Education Assessment

General Education Assessment is being done at the course and university department levels.  Each department teaching general education courses has been asked to identify which of the University’s ten broad goals are applicable to their subject and then define more specific learning objectives to be assessed in their courses.  To date, most of the COLS departments that offer general education courses have submitted these reports <link to General Education>.  A variety of assessment tools are being used in the general education courses, including analysis of written work and a variety of exams.

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is working with ten departments to collect data through pre- and post-testing in general education courses, and the committee hopes to encourage more involvement from OIR in future assessment activities on campus. 

In addition, the committee has worked with APGES to revise the General Education attachment for new courses in order to collect information on assessment plans and procedures for the course.  FSCASL will continue to monitor the ongoing and various campus discussions pertaining to changes in General Education at UW Oshkosh, and will work to coordinate with the relevant constituencies and committees as these discussions go forward.  

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last updated June 7, 2007