State of Assessment Report                            May 20, 2003

Prepared by Jennifer Mihalick, Chair,
Faculty Senate Committee on Assessment of Student Learning

Activities of the FSCASL during 2002-2003:
Nine members from the faculty, one from the academic staff, and our new administration liaison, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Curricular Affairs Margaret Genisio, met monthly during the academic year.

A. Work in teams to assist departments with development of program assessment plans,  and reports for program review.

This year new plans from anthropology, environmental studies, and music education programs were reviewed.  In addition, information about assessment was provided to the new program in athletic training.  Biennial updates for existing assessment plans were reviewed from several departments.  Many departments are revising their plans as they learn which methods of assessment supply useful data.  Several have made curricular changes as a result of assessment. 

The grids attached to this report display the status of each program's assessment plan: when the plan was approved; the date of the last update to the committee; whether assessment data have been used to modify curriculum; and whether designing an assessment plan resulted in a curriculum change.  Almost all programs are participating in assessment. 
Departments now include information about assessment of student learning in their program review  documents.  Members of the committee offered assistance to departments preparing for fall 2003 program reviews. 

B.  Implement General Education assessment plan.

The goals for student learning in general education which were established in 1995 are very broad and difficult to assess.  We have asked the L&S Council and the chair of APGES (Academic Policies - General Education Subcommittee) to suggest updates or revisions.

We are working with members of the Department of English as they revise the verbal skills test which has been used for many years.  There will be a faculty college on assessment of writing during spring interim.  The upper level English composition courses are taken by students who have completed 60 credits,  and have probably completed most of the general education requirements; it has been identified as an opportunity to assess student learning in the general education program, perhaps through a comprehensive exam.

C. Work with the Office of Institutional Research to ensure collection of data for NCA accreditation.

The University's 10 year accreditation review by the North Central Association will take place in 2007.  One of the criteria they will study is "Student Learning and Effective Teaching."  Some categories of evidence will be met by data collected in the assessment programs.  The committee preparing for the NCA visit includes several past members of FSCASL and we will continue to coordinate our efforts with theirs. 

D.  Increase amount of information available on the committee website

The website at is intended to collect useful information for committee members and other people on campus involved with assessment.  It contains the committee charge and membership, the University Assessment Plan, committee reports, and examples of assessment plans and tools from several programs on campus as well as links to information from other institutions.  The website has been advertised in The Bulletin  and to the L&S Council.

Grids Showing Status of Assessment Plans:

    College of Business Administration
    College of Education and Human Services
    College of Letters and Science
    College of Nursing

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last updated May 20, 2003