Links to Assessment Tools Used at Other Institutions:

  ETS Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress
National Institute for Science Education's Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide
for Science, Math, Engineering and Technology Instructors.
American Chemical Society's Small-Scale Laboratory Assessment Activities
American Association for Higher Education's Portfolio Clearinghouse,
    a database of portfolio programs in use at institutions of higher education as a means of assessing student learning
American College Personnel Association Clearinghouse
ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment
Standardized Test Locator
North Dakota State University's Assessment Tools
Tools for Student Affairs assessment  from Indiana State and University of Texas
North Carolina State University's Links to Assessment Sites

Reports and Articles about Assessment:

Project Kaleidoscope:  Building a community well-informed about the means & potential of assessment of learning
 UW Green Bay's General Education Assessment
Research Reports from CRESST, Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Testing, a National Research
and Development Center of the US Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement.
American Association for Higher Education's Assessment Forum with links to other assessment websites
North Dakota State University's Assessment Program
Randy Bass, "The Scholarship of Teaching: What's the Problem?" Inventio Vol 1, No. 1, February 1999.
The article describes the author's reasons for more careful documentation of student learning in his classroom.
UW System Assessment in Student Affairs

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Last updated: June 5, 2006