Faculty Senate Committee on Assessment of Student Learning

Responsibilities of the Committee Current Activities of the Committee

Coordinate assessment efforts including (but not limited to):

  • Assessment in verbal and quantitative areas
  • Assessment of general education program
  • Assessment of undergraduate major program
  • Assessment of graduate programs

Work in teams to assist departments with development of program assessment plansand with preparation of reports for program review.

Monitor assessment activity including:

  • Publication of program goals in appropriate documents
  • Integration of assessment into program review
  • Connecting assessment to program improvement 

Implement General Education assessment plan

Plan including:  

  • Development of the university assessment plan
  • Development of professional development opportunities related to assessment
  • Determining budget requirements and advocating budgetary support for assessment activities

Work with the Office of Institutional Research

members of the committee

Information about assessment at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh:

FSCASL reports
Program (Departments/Majors) Assessment Plan General Education Assessment Plan
State of Assessment Report 2007
State of Assessment Report 2006
State of Assessment Report 2005
State of Assessment Report 2004
State of Assessment Report 2003
State of Assessment Report 2002
February 2002 newsletter (pdf)
Grids Showing Status of Program Assessment Plans
    College of Business
    College of Education and Human Services
    College of Letters and Science
    College of Nursing

General Education in College of Letters and Science

Liberal Education Reform Team (LERT)

   Report: May 12, 2009

Links to Assessment Tools Used at Other Institutions

Reports and Articles about Assessment

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